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Top 10 Lists for Nurses

“My guilty pleasure at work is…”

“My guilty pleasure at work is…”

“Facebook while hiding in the bathroom for two minutes.” Read more hilarious answers from nurses.

Nurses, here’s the soundtrack to your (work) life

Nurses, here’s the soundtrack to your (work) life

We asked you to share with us the songs that pump you up, cheer you up or simply make you feel like a total badass. Here are 10 of your picks!

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The kind of stuff you just can’t make up…

We asked you to share some of your most outlandish “Did you just hear that?” moments. Read what your fellow nurses had to say!

10 more rules for student nurses

10 more rules for student nurses

We asked you about your rules and advice for student nurses and got some great responses! Check them out here, and leave your own, as well!

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10 superpowers every student nurse wants

Here are some special, time-and-space-bending superpowers that will always come in handy for nurses, student or not.

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9 things I wish I could tell my patients

I have a long-cherished fantasy of being able, for just one day, to say what I really want to say without negative consequences. Here are nine things–of several hundred–that pass through my mind on a near-daily basis.

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10 signs you’re a student suffering from senioritis!

Nursing students, do you recognize these 10 symptoms? If so, you probably have senioritis!

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Resolutions, schmezolutions: 9 resolutions no nurse would ever make

Here are some New Year’s resolutions we can guarantee no nurse will be making this year!

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Even more things nurses say every day

Nurses know there are things said in the hospital every day that folks working in other professions just can’t believe. Here are 10 from your fellow nurses!

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10 holiday gifts I would actually use

What should you get your coworker for the annual gift exchange? Here are 10 great ideas for gifts they can actually use.

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Top 10 reasons nurses make the BEST dads!

“Our kids are TOUGH!” Can we get an amen? Check out the rest of this inspiring list!

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10 more things nurses wish their patients knew

If patients knew these 10 things, nurses’ jobs would SO much easier! | ThinkStock

10 soothing phrases no nurse wants to hear

What phrases do YOU not want to hear after a really bad day? Check out this funny list and add your own!

You know your mom is a nurse when…

You know your mom is a nurse when…

Are the children of nurses the healthiest people on the planet? According to this list, that sentiment may very well have merit.

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10 things a nurse would NEVER say!

“Oh please, I don’t need any more caffeine!” Um, nope! You’ll get a kick out of this funny list of the things you’ll never hear a nurse saying!