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Top 10 Lists for Nurses

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Humor: You may be a nurse if…

Check out our list of clues you might be a nurse and see if any ring true for you and your coworkers!

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A special shout out to trauma nurses!

Happy Friday, nurses! Kick off some much needed R&R (well, for some of you) by checking out this list just for trauma nurses!

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Nurses’ top 10 favorite songs to unwind to after a long shift

We asked our Facebook fans for their favorite songs to blast after a long, tough shift. Check out their funny, honest and oh-so-fitting responses.

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Top 10 worst smells in the hospital

Seasoned nurses know to show up for their shifts with their nose savers (Halls cough drops, anyone?) tucked away in the pocket. So, do you agree with our list of the stinkiest encounters you’ll have in a typical workday?

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10 best responses to annoying patients

Yes, I have heard all these things–and some multiple times!

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The top 10 funniest explanations your patients have given you

Ever heard of “fireballs of the universe”? How about “oxygen addiction”? Click in to find out about these strange conditions.

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The top 10 ooky things you’ll see in a hospital

I’m not talking here about wounds large enough to stick your head in or residents who haven’t slept in three days. I’m talking about the everyday eyesores that become invisible with familiarity.

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The top 10 strangest things doctors have said to you on the job!

“When ending a phone conversation after discussing a patient, the doctor said, ‘I love you’…”

The top 10 things nurses wish it were IMPOSSIBLE for patients to do!

The top 10 things nurses wish it were IMPOSSIBLE for patients to do!

If you’ve ever responded to your patient’s 35th call bell ring in an hour, we know you’ll be nodding along with them!

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A nurse’s list of resolutions

In observance of the New Year, I, Jo, hereby do formalize and publicize my Resolutions for 2013. Some limitations and exclusions apply.

The top 10 worst orders you’ve ever read!

The top 10 worst orders you’ve ever read!

Doctors scribble the darndest things. See the list of funny orders written by real MDs.

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Best of 2012: Our favorite humor lists for and about nurses!

Here’s a look back at our favorite lists for and about nurses in 2012…laugh it up and enjoy!

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10 ways you know you’re a night shift nurse

Not to say that night shift nurses are a totally different breed, but you do tend to relate to the werewolf thing!

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The top 10 ways you know you’re married to a nurse

There are times when being married to a nurse can make life quite comical!

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Are nurses vampires or zombies?

#1: Vampires go out at night. So does half the nursing workforce in this country. #6: Zombies groan, shuffle and often have bits falling off of them. Take a look at the next career nurse you see…