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5 easy make-at-home infused waters for nurses

We’ve gathered recipes for five delicious make-at-home infused waters, perfect for busy nurses who have decided to make 2015 their healthiest year yet.

“How do I prevent myself from burning out on the job?”

“How do I prevent myself from burning out on the job?”

We can’t take care of our patients if we don’t take care of ourselves. Finding the balance between work and life is essential….but how can you find that balance?

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Working rotating night shifts may lead to increased risk of disease

According to a new nurse study, working rotating night shifts may harm your long-term health.

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Nurses have one of the highest rates of workplace injuries

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that healthcare workers have some of the highest rates of workplace injuries among all occupations. What needs to be done to help reduce these injuries?

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10 fitness hacks for nurses to try

Try these 10 simple fitness tips from a fellow nurse that can help you improve your current level of health.

5 steps nurses can take to keep their New Year’s fitness resolutions

5 steps nurses can take to keep their New Year’s fitness resolutions

It’s that time of year. The new year is upon us, so it’s time to make those ever-“permanent” New Year’s resolutions.

Copper bed rails may kill germs in hospitals

Could a copper bed rail be the next instrument to fight the spread of germs and infections in hospitals?

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Towels are a breeding ground for germs in the home

At work, nurses are expected to be constantly on guard against the spread of germs. But are we as aware of germs after we get home?

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5 strategies for the sick nurse: How to succeed in your career despite health issues

If you suffer from an illness or a debilitating medical condition, here are some great tips to help you maintain your work-life balance.

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Flu season factoids that shock even nurses!

Our quick, 30-second guide to avoiding the flu.

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Ebola facts and checklist for healthcare providers

As you’ve likely seen, much of the reporting on Ebola has done little more than spread panic without giving any real facts. So Brittney from The Nerdy Nurse is setting the record straight with a checklist for healthcare providers.

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5 little ways for nurses to relieve stress

Finding the time to relax can be tough, but as you know, it’s so important for your mental and physical health. So what’s a busy nurse to do? Try these five little stress-relievers!

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3 ways nurses can get involved with International Infection Prevention Week

Did you know this week is International Infection Prevention Week? Get the facts and see how you can get involved!

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Workplace wellness programs becoming more popular; effectiveness debated

Work wellness programs are on the rise, according to a new study. But just how effective are they? Weigh in!

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Advice from nurses: What to do when you’re diagnosed with breast cancer

“1. It’s okay to cry. Then pick yourself up and don’t let it get the best of you…”