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55 low calorie fast food options for busy nurses

Need to fuel up, but have no time to spare? We’ve gathered some low-cal fast-food options to help satisfy your hunger!

19 ideas for shift nurses to get more sleep

19 ideas for shift nurses to get more sleep

Your body knows what it likes. It likes to sleep when it’s dark. And quiet. At night. Unfortunately, you may not have that luxury. Fortunately, your body can be tricked. And here are the ways to do it so you can get the rest you need.

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5 ways nurses can prevent workplace violence

The best offense is a good defense, so arm yourself with knowledge and have a plan. Here are five tips to help you protect yourself from harm.

How to prevent your gloves from spreading germs

How to prevent your gloves from spreading germs

You already know how essential winter gloves are, but those hand protectors can easily turn into germ distributors if you’re not careful.

Lifts and other safety measures lead to 40% reduction in nurse injuries

Lifts and other safety measures lead to 40% reduction in nurse injuries

VA Hospitals are leading the way in promoting nurse safety and reducing workplace injuries.

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What every nurse needs to know about Ebola and germ warfare

In the midst of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, we’re reminded once again of the importance of taking all possible measures to prevent the spread of disease in our workplaces. Here’s what you need to know.

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Cold and flu tea recipe

In the cold winter months, nurses are especially at risk for catching viruses from patients and coworkers. While there may never be a cure for the common cold, this herbal remedy is the next best thing!

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“Hospitals Attempt to Help Nurses Cope with High Levels of On-The-Job Stress” – Did you read it?

As nurses continue to raise flags, the pressure is on and hospitals are tuning in to address their needs.

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NPR: Hospitals not taking responsibility for nurse injuries

This month, NPR has been doing a series on “Injured Nurses.” The latest two installments look at how some hospitals put nurses at risk of injuries and also refuse to pay medical bills of nurses that have been injured.

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One less cup of joe—how to make victory yours

Cutting back on caffeine is no easy feat, so here are a few options to help you stay on track.

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Coffee may lower risk of endometrial cancer

In addition to keeping you awake during a night shift, drinking three to four cups of coffee may reduce the risk of endometrial cancer by nearly one-fifth.

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Half of microbes found on NYC subway a mystery to scientists

A report from Weill Cornell Medical College finds that surfaces on the New York City subway contains hundreds of species of bacteria, and that half of the DNA found on the surfaces don’t match any known organism.

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5 winter self-care must-haves for nurses

What can you do to keep the wintertime blues at bay and take great care of yourself?

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Nurses, shovel your way to a healthier you

In all seriousness…what did we do before snow blowers and plowing service??

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“Hospitals Fail to Protect Nursing Staff from Becoming Patients” – Did you read it?

Nurses are selfless as a rule, and it’s often without hesitation that they put patients first. But we all know how important it is to have the technology, guidelines and support needed to care for patients without jeopardizing personal safety. […]