A “winning” note of gratitude! We’re giving away a Littmann Stethoscope!

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It’s amazing every time you get thanked for doing your job as a nurse. But sometimes you get a little more than you may have bargained for! In the spirit of the season, we asked our Facebook fans for the best, funniest ways they’ve ever been thanked on the job. Get a chuckle at the responses below, then ENTER TO WIN A LITTMANN STETHOSCOPE just by saying “thanks” to your coworkers in the comments!

“The funniest way I’ve ever been thanked!”

1. A little old lady gave me fudge with a note saying: “I know you don’t like chocolate, but it’s my specialty. And you’re too thin. So eat the damn fudge. Thank you for all you did.”
—Nicole Stombaugh

2. Someone brought back a stool sample and a bag of snacks and handed them to us with the same hand. I appreciated the thought, but couldn’t eat the snacks after they’d been so close to a container of poo!
—Danita Partin Ludwig

3. I was gently and carefully washing an elderly man’s bottom and testicles, and he said, “Honey, you do that like a pro, thanks!”
—Deborah Zahorchak

4. I’m an ER nurse and had a patient who brought me her old bowling ball.
—Jessica L. Hill

5. After I gave a patient a suppository, she said, “Thank you”—she really wanted that BM.
—Sara RN Aguayo

6. “Thanks for being down my throat and up my ass!” (I’m an Endo nurse, lol!) :)
—Nicole Page Hooper

7. I was supporting a pregnant woman for a spinal anesthetic administration and she thanked me for letting her rest her head on my “soft boobies.”
—Elizabeth Chappell Fussman

8. Once, a copy of the book Little Miss Chatterbox accompanied my thank you card! I had taken care of a young girl in PACU for several hours and it was from the child’s mother, who had stayed and talked with me throughout…at least, I think it was a thank you and not a complaint! :-)
—Clare Sharp

9. A dementia patient gave me her “baby” (an old ratty doll) and said, “Thank you for babysitting—that little bastard bugs the shit out of me.”
—Erica Andersen

10. I had a patient thank me when I told the patient that he/she was negative for chlamydia. I was told I was an angel in disguise. Really!!!
—Deseree Kelso Prather

Who knows better how to properly thank a nurse than…well…you! In the spirit of the season, thank your fellow nurses in the comments below. We know you don’t need a prize to move you to show your gratitude, but we’re GIVING AWAY A LITTMANN STETHOSCOPE to one nurse who shares his/her gratitude in the comments below — well, because we like being part of the love fest. :)

Thank your best coworker(s) below for all that they do and be automatically entered to win a LITTMANN STETHOSCOPE!

The lucky winner will be announced on December 15th!

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64 Responses to A “winning” note of gratitude! We’re giving away a Littmann Stethoscope!

  1. nursebiggdawg Student

    Thank you to all the nurses and staff that I’ve worked with. You have taught me so much about this great profession.

  2. LukaM

    Im a new grad nurse and after two weeks with a preceptor I had the worst first day on my own possible. A few hours into my shift my patient fell. I felt like I had done something wrong (even though the cause was multifactorial) and my confidence was totally destroyed for the day. My coworker noticed I was having a hard time and pulled me aside in an empty room. She told me her first nursing mistake story and reminded me that stuff happens and it doesn’t mean you are a bad nurse, you just have to keep working hard and ask for help when you need it. And its okay to cry :) She then asked me for a quick report on my patients and told me to take 20 minutes for myself. I can not express how grateful I am for her and my other co-workers who have helped me make the transition from new grad to nurse. I work on a wonderful unit where nurses do NOT “eat their young!”

  3. emzily

    Thank you to my awesome coworker Libby who is always willing to join me taking care of the “poopscapades” at work!

  4. phoenix2011 Student

    Thank you to all of my nurses for your incomparable compassion toward others :)

  5. Abby Student

    Thank you to my fellow NUR1110 clinical mates. Also thank you to the nurse who stood up for me when I told my preceptor that there is no warm water for a bed bath. I had stood with the basin at the sink for five minutes, and the water was not even lukewarm. I was pretty sure I would get an F in clinical just for that, but then the nurse said that for safety reasons the water doesn’t get warm. I still don’t understand that. I was practically freezing the patient with the water. Also, thank you to all the nurses who give me a fair chance to learn. Hopefully one day I’ll make you proud! Thank you to my professors and preceptors. You’re the best!

  6. rubberduckies100

    Thank you to my midnight coworkers in the CCU. I graduated in May and started in June and they have always been more than helpful answering my questions and teaching me. Their patience and kindness proves that not all seasoned nurses “eat their young”. Thank you Tiffany, Pat, Dianne, and Julie! (and day shifters are pretty awesome too)

  7. sassyq22 Student

    I want to thank my teachers from nursing school for really caring about me. When I was going through a hard time one teacher in particular (Ginger Truitt) would stop me and make sure I will ok. She would just let me talk. I called it verbal diarrhea because when she asked me something it just all came out. Everyone at my school Lagrange College will put aside whatever they are working on in order to listen to me, even if I am babbling…. I have the best teachers ever!

  8. nautinurse RN

    Thank you to all of my night crew but especially to my nurse techs. Without you as my backbone my job would be IMPOSSIBLE. I appreciate you and could NOT do my job without you. You are strong smart and professional in all you do. I cannot express enough gratitude for your hard work and support. I love each of you and thank God for your choice to work with me. We do make an AWESOME team !!! Our patients may not say it but I will, thank you for all you do. It’s not an easy job, but you do it soooo very well !!! Thak you for your commitment to our patients and team !!!! You make it possible !!!!

  9. nautinurse RN

    Thank you to all my fellow nurses. No matter the task you all rise to the occasion. Trust me we all know its challenging to work with the psychiatric population. Then mix that with a little medical and lots of dementia/Alzheimer’s At timesaver our jobs impossible. But, you find a way to team up and get it done !! T-E-A-M. T – is for all the thanks I give to you. E- is for all the effort you put it into. A- is for appreciation I should show you. and M-is for the me that’s NOT POSSIBLE WITH OUT YOU !!! Thanks for all your support and nurture. Always there and willing to help. I truly thank you and love being in a family of GREAT NURSES !! All made possible by our commitment to our patients and profession. Worth more than your weight in gold thank you !!

  10. Brandi RN RN

    I want to give a huge THANK YOU to my APRN at work, Valerie. She is awesome and wonderful to work with and if it were not for her I would have probably found a different job 2 years ago. We work in a SNU-LTC unit and the stress can be relentless. The work load exceeds the time allowed on every shift and attempting to give real care to patients really takes a toll on us. She does a wonderful job of utilizing me to follow up on all the daily tasks through out the shifts WITHOUT making me feel dumped on. We respect each other for what we do and it helps improve the care we give. I thank her for treating me with respect.

  11. nurse3793

    Thank you to the wonderful co-workers I work with in the ASC I am employed at here in York Pa. Knowing there is someone there to help you before you even ask for help makes coming to work worthwhile (most days anyway lol!)

  12. nursgirl

    I would like to thank my OR coworkers who have taught me so much when I transferred over from ICU. They also helped me carry a very heavy amputated leg down the hall to pathology so that I wouldn’t hurt my back. LOL

  13. CBRATTS7

    The funniest way that I have ever been thanked. A patient had a fecal impation and after a soap suds and manually removing the impaction the patient replies with Thank for ubplugging me.

  14. CBRATTS7

    I would like to thank all the nurses and techs that have taught me so much. Thanks for answeringall my crazy questions.

  15. Crystallou

    The person I would like to thank is the hardest worker I know. This is the person that is rarely sitting down, eager to help, completely compassionate, and knows her limitations. The person that I want to thank is the nursing assistant I work with. I work in a small community, and it really helps to have that extra insight that the CNA gives. The CNA I’m talking about usually doesn’t get a break because she doesn’t have to fill out the paper work like I do. The CNA I’m talking about is the one that is down the hall, probably more frequently than all the other staff altogether, and is the one who gets the least amount of recognition. The CNA I’m talking about is the one that manages to take time with each and every patient. This particular CNA is already an excellent nurse! Though she isn’t recognized daily, I want her to know that all of her help and her compassion really doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you, Amanda for all you do.

  16. Rebecca RN

    I just want to take a moment and thank all of my co-workers who have helped out on the night shift while waiting for my new partner to get oriented in the ER. I know nights can be tough when you are not used to them and I really do appreciate how you have been there. Thanks

  17. creelee

    Thank you to the wonderful RNs I work with everyday in Leupp, Az!

  18. ewerner

    I would like to thank my imaginary friend for letting me run the show.

  19. lovinmypatients

    Sarah Childs is the best nurse ever. She doesn’t have to be asked to help in any way, she just does it. She just knows when you are “drowning” and she pulls you up. She has become my best friend. Never worked with anyone like her. Keep up the great work Sarah, I LOVE YOU and so do our patients. :)

  20. nursingtodo11 RN

    Thank you to “nurse nancy” for training me to use my critical thinking skills and to be as tough as the inmates we have to screen. Thanks for showing me how to do that while still maintaining a level of compassion an tough love that so many of these patients need.
    Perhaps the most deserved thanks is to the MA I work with who constantly refers I herself as “just a medical assistant.” You are so much more than that. You are so skilled with blood draws that you find a vein even on the arm of long term IV drug users who have blown the majority of them. You are an IT genius and the go to girl when someone’s computer isn’t working right. You’re medical knowledge is invaluable to a newbie like myself. But not of all, you are not thanked enough, and I just want to tell you I appreciate it :)

  21. brandijp

    Every clinical rotation I always say it doesn’t matter how big, how bad,how difficult the patient or day, if you have a good nurse willing to share her experiences and insight, give applicable constructive critiques, and genuinely appreciate any help you have to offer; then it’s all worth it. The nurses that remember to be in my shoes as student make or break the learning experience. And those nurses that are willing to do all that and more I give a big heartfelt thank you. You are awesome and appreciated more than you know. Thank you, from your eager nursing student.

  22. brandijp

    Every clinical rotation I always say it doesn’t matter how big, how bad,how difficult the patient or day, if you have a good nurse willing to share her experiences and insight, give applicable constructive critiques, and genuinely appreciate any help you have to offer; then it’s all worth it. The nurses that remember to be in my shoes as student make or break the learning experience. And those nurses that are willing to do all that and more I give a big heartfelt thank you. You are awesome and appreciated more than you know. Thank you

  23. amstegmair

    Thank you to my wonderful co-worker, Kasey, for all your help when things became hectic! You are truly an amazing person inside and out, and I am so grateful and blessed to work with you!

  24. rkstar00 Student

    Being a student LPN I only know the Nurses that teach us and I know that even though there are a few we could probably live without… The one that teach us the most care about what kind of nurses we turn out to be.

    I would love to thank all the Nurses/Instructors at my college. Without them I would never know what it will really be like until I was smack in the middle of it. Thank you for preparing us for the reality of our jobs!

  25. TNL634

    I’m thankful to be a part of a wonderful nursing team that supports each other in and out of work. I could never get through my day without them….I could, but I’d cry. LOL. Just kidding. I love my nurse friends! Thank you!

  26. Lynn Student

    I want to thank my study partner Laverne, whose humor, patience, and willingness to “cuss and discuss” our tests, homework, and everything else has helped me tremendously over the past three semesters.

  27. horsegrl87

    As a new nurse, I am ever so grateful to my co-workers who have embraced me with open arms and taken so much of their own time to show me how everything works at the hospital and teach me the skills I need to be a great nurse. I am learning new things everyday thanks to them!

  28. hperkins42 RN

    i would like to thank all my co workers in rochester ny where i work as a ER nurse for being there and helping out when your needed. thank you very very much

  29. friendli Student

    Thank you to my preceptor who lead by example, never ignored a call light just because it wasn’t our patient (unless we were busy with our own patients), and inspired me by being the kind of nurse I want to be.

    • bmcneal@bulldogs.mgccc.edu Student

      thanks to nursing teachers and everyone thats helping me become a nurse!

  30. sjbergmann LPN

    From a hospital heart patient. Dear if your man does not ask you to marry you soon I will give you my grandsons number single and looking( he was very good looking) That night my now husband asked me to marry him! The next day I found out the heart patient passed away. Best Thank you advice ever In some way.

  31. ewerner

    The whole place would implode if it weren’t for Carolyn our receptionist.

  32. Ms.M

    I am new to hospital nursing and I have so much to learn. Lucky for me I work with a great group! Thanks especially to Dana and Terri – I admire both of you for your patience, kindness, and knowledge.

  33. nursemarymarlene

    I was working in home health and had to travel a long distance for a particular patient so I also performed her CNA visit. She was well aware I love the beach (and we lived in FL). At the conclusion of our time together she gifted me a huge beach bag and a card that read “When you are relaxing in the sun I hope you smile remembering all the times you have washed my backside.” I use that bag every time I go to the beach…between the beach and the memories I can’t wipe the smile off my face.

  34. migsdave

    To my fellow nurse who taught me the ropes in my new job (as of two months ago). Thank you!

  35. I just celebrated my 1st anniversary at my hospital. I was picked up as a new grad straight into my hospitals ICU. I want to say thank you to everyone from the Director who hired me to all my co workers who have helped teach me everything I know now.

    I am very lucky to work with such an amazing group of nurses who have always been there for me and never let me drown. I want to say thank you to all of them!

  36. moniquerobichaud

    I am a Nursing Practice Consultant (PC) – today (Dec 7, 12) I was called by the unit nurses to see a patient who had been involved in a MVA, she received a rather large abrasion to the back of her head – Did I mention the accident was in September and hasn’t washed her hair since!
    After introducing myself and explained my role and introduced our new PC who was shadowing me, I asked if I could look at her head wound. I was granted permission (with explicit instructions not to touch, only look). The wound under the large hair matted scab appeared healed and actually ready to lift away, I explained how wounds heal from the bottom up etc. ending with how a shower including a gentle wash to the injured area would benefit her greatly and a comb may clear the dried debris away! How thankful she was for the education, how she appreciated my having taken time to see her and examine her wound and she finally agreed to gently run water over her scalp when next in the shower. As we were leaving the room, she said: “Now, don’t tell any of the other nurses what I’ve said or agreed to, I don’t want them to know we’ve talked, Thank you for stopping by”. ?????? I’m still stunned and will need to follow up. LOL … One of those days :) and so proud to be part of a group of women and men known as “Nurses”! Thank you for this opportunity to share one of my many humorous moments in this fabulous profession.

  37. mollykay CMA

    I want to say thank you to all of the nurses and nursing assistants that i work with. They all are an amazing group of women! Thanks for all the help :)

  38. hrtrn4vets RN

    I would like to thank my coworkers for having patience with me when I was a very nervous new grad five years ago with no self confidence and have helped me calm down and taught me so much.

  39. mywizofoz RN

    Thanks for all the RN’s I’ve worked with over the years and the ones I will work with in the future. We are a rare breed!

  40. angelam

    I want to thank my wonderful nurse co-workers, and my CNA’s for everything they do to help me in my job. Without them, my job would be impossible… Its thanks to you that I’m able to do my job to the best of my ability. None of us receive the thanks we should get from our superiors, so I would like to say thanks. I couldnt do it without you.

  41. luckybluecat

    I am thankful to all the staff members that have helped me provide quality care and have acted as my eyes and ears down a hall because I can’t be everyplace at once.

  42. wogrop63

    A huge thank you to all my co-workers for helping me keep my sanity no matter what.

  43. nursesrock

    I have many nurses I have worked with for the last three years in my nursing career. I have worked with nurses in a long term facility and I have worked in a doctors office. I would have to say that there is really great teamwork as long as every one works together. Only the good nurses care about others as well as thier work. I know a nurse that I worked with in a long term facility that actually brought one of her daughter’s baby dolls to work for a resident bacause that resident was jelous of another resident who had a doll to ” take care of”. I thought that was the nicest and thoughtful thing someone can do just to make the resident more comfortable and feel like they were doing something productive. The resident passed away in a happier way just because she got to care for a baby one last time. Ill never forget that.

  44. cdgpatterson RN

    Thank you to all the nurses I worked with who have taught me how to be a great nurse. The teachers that think it not robbery to train new nurses. Thank you to the wonderful nurses who took care of me when I was in the hospital and the ones who took care of my children when they were in the hospital as if they were there own children. If I said thank you a million times it would not be enough.

  45. Bikern_Bg1

    My patient was in ICU had alot going on. A small room and many machines, as I was navigating his bedside to reposition him after administering medicine I become tangled in cords and was trying to step over pressure lines and iv’s tripped and fell like a tree being cut in the woods…. My patient raised up his head, which was a major fete and said “are you ok, can I call you a nurse?” I told him, as I scrambled to my feet checking to see I was not bleeding….. , ” I was ok, but thanks anyway,” he responded ” that is the least I could do for your kindness and entertainment!”

  46. Bikern_Bg1

    I want to thank the many nurses I have worked with over the many miles, places and years, I have had the pleasure of being alongside so many, veterans, and fledglings.Gifted in many ways from strength and wisdom, insight, compassion, kindness and creativeness. Some with dry humor, and some with shiny idealism. We have endured hardships, cried together, prayed together and brought peace to those suffering. Educated ourselves and others. offered tissues and photos pressed into timeless memories. Moments of a lifetime and long hours of never ending shifts to carry on the practice of nursing … from my first friends in Alabama, to New York and Georgia, Thanks for a wonderful career. Nurses and healthcare workers are the best.

  47. karin24 CMA

    I want to thank all my co-workers for always being there when the times got touch. Teamwork in our job is a #1 thing and definitely makes the day go easier. Also thank you for everything you all have showed me and teached me. You have made working in the medical field a great experience and made me grateful for what i can do and being there for all my patients and their families.

  48. acarlson

    I am a brand new nurse and just finished orientation about 2 months ago. It has been overwhelming being on my own at times, but I truly believe I have some of the best coworkers possible. I know that I ask a LOT of questions but my coworkers are all very patient and willing to help. They have made my first nursing job a great experience.

  49. nursemarymarlene

    Both ends of the spectrum are represented in my thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the nurses who have encouraged me and built me up during the course of my decade long nursing career. Conversely, thank you to those who were the classic “eat their young” nurses. Being on the receiving end of that treatment created in me a sensitivity and attitude of encouragement. We are all called into nursing for different reasons, but they culminate into one common goal…Healing, caring, compassionate nursing.

  50. Abby Student

    Thank you to Mary, our college lab technician who listens, advises, and does everything else, even if it’s not in her job description

  51. deanshuck

    Thank all of the nursing staff at ACHD for helping me adjust to a new job, all of the staff are great

  52. gypsie60 RN

    Have to thank my coworkers for making me a better nurse. They lead by example. They ate always ready with a helping hand or words of advice or encouragement. Thanks to all of you for your praise and ay times, your criticisms. I learn something from you everyday.

    • gypsie60 RN

      I m gypsie 60. This is my comment. My name posted with someone else’s comment and mine is without signature. What happened here

      • gypsie60 RN

        Ok. Now we popped up right. My thanks is for the staff at temple living center west in temple, texas

  53. littlebelledcl

    Thank you to all those nurses who are a nurse first and don’t enter a room judging a patient based on the report you received. Just because a patient is “on the call light every 2 hours for pain medicine” probably only means he has a higher pain tolerance because he is an addict and is probably really in pain! Thank you to all those nurses who help a patient to the bathroom instead of spending 20 minutes to find an aide to do it, and finally thank you to those who accept new recruits with open arms instead of cold shoulders!

  54. Jackie RN

    To Miss Dorothy, the absolute best LPN ever!! As an RN, I have learned more from her than any other nurse I’ve worked with. Ever! Thank you, ladybug! :)

  55. Jackie RN

    To Miss Dorothy, the absolute best LPN ever!! As an RN, I have learned more from her than any other nurse I’ve wo rked with. Ever! Thank you, ladybug! :)

  56. Smays1858

    I would like to thank all my co nurses who shared all their knowledge and tips this past year to help me become a better nurse and person. It is an honor to work with each and everyone of you!

  57. apacheangel CNA

    Thank you to my coworker Melissa, who always shows her patients equal TLC (and she’s big on the L) no matter how crazy a night she is having. Thanks also to Sally who always has my back; Bobbie Dill who keeps everyone motivated with her upbeat personality; and all the other nurses on IMCU and trauma who work as a team to make sure our patients get the best care. Y’all rock!

  58. Trauma_luvr2202

    There is a nurse in the ER department by where I live, don’t work yet, but will! Well, she is the only nurse I trust there. I trust her with my life pretty much. This one time, I had come in for a migraine and the dr had ordered delauded and fioricet. Well I had to get shots of them, in my behind needless to say. Well she did them and the whole time she was talking to me, and was like don’t jump, itll make it worse, you’ll have a nice knocking knot and bruise there just give it a masage every once in a while an unti the initual burn went away she actually sat there and massaged it, On both sides lol. I love nurse Jackie. I wonder if she’ll ever see this!

  59. chrisncasey

    A big thank you to my ED coworkers, from my fellow nurses, to the techs, the unit secretaries and transporters, the EMS crews, the awesome PA’s and NP’s and the MD’s…we are a team! You guys rock!

  60. rocmeccu

    Thank you to all of my co-workers in the ICU for making a tough job so rewarding. When a critically ill person arrives, it’s always “all hands on deck”; the help is always there without having to ask for it. You are so attuned to each other, all it takes is a look from one to another to convey urgency and get an appropriate response. You are also my best friends! You all rock!

  61. tinathecma

    *Big shot out of Thanks to all the CNA’s/PCT’s out there who diligentlyl work weekends, holidays, come in on their day off when asked and all else in between* The rest of us could not function with out you!!! Kudos!!! xoxoxo