The 7 deadly sins of job hunting

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Losing a job is never in any nurse’s career plan. Take solace in knowing that there is a right way and a wrong way to handle unemployment and landing your next nursing job. Before the panic sets in, be sure to read through these seven deadly sins of job hunting and avoid them like the plague!

1. Wallowing
2. Losing focus
3. Not defining who you are
4. Skipping your skills
5. Neglecting to investigate
6. Ruling out opportunities
7. Avoiding support

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Vlad Zachary

"America’s Professional Coach" Vlad Zachary is a leading expert in career and professional coaching with award-winning and world-recognized publications. He is the CEO of, founder of, and the author of the DVD Mastering the Job Interview and several e-books on healthcare, communications, psychology and career development.

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3 Responses to The 7 deadly sins of job hunting

  1. Lecia

    Is Vlad a Nurse??? I love how these people who have absolutely no idea what we do and how we workd give advise on profession. Go to an expert and ask another nurse.

  2. Dear Lecia,
    Thanks for your comment. I did spend 5 years – between 2004 and 2009 with Tufts Medical Center, working closely with the OR nurses. I am not a nurse — my position was Business Manager Perioperative services. I am curious as to what career advice you found to be “absolutely” out of line with your profession? I would be happy to learn from you if you have any specific advice to offer. You can post a comment or email me directly. Thanks.

  3. Brenda Hartzell

    Job search in nursing is totally different than looking for a business job. I have 30 years experience in IT with much of it in contracting/consulting. There is no nursing shortage if there really was the jobs would be there instead of filled by those from other countries.