The heart of a warrior

Warriors In Pink

Warriors In Pink

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Nurses are on the front lines of the daily battle to keep our patients healthy. From the day-to-day routine of call lights and documentation to the moment-by-moment measures to save a patient’s life in emergencies, you see it all…every day. You don’t have to tell us twice: Nurses are warriors, and you deserve to be recognized 365 days of the year for all that you do.

But there’s another warrior that needs our attention—those who fight the war against breast cancer.

Cherokee Uniforms and Ford celebrate those who battle breast cancer every year with Warriors in Pink scrubs tops. These designs raise funds to support various breast cancer awareness and research organizations to bring more attention to the fight. (Plus, we love that they feature real breast cancer survivors who are nurses on their website .)

As a nurse, you can show your support for your fellow warriors with these designs. And we’re giving you the opportunity to win one now!

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31 Responses to The heart of a warrior

  1. kdean823

    A heart of a warrior means to be tough because our patients need us to be advocates for them, and yet be compassionate and caring at the same time so they feel cared for and not alone in their journey. Being able to fight for what they need and being able to cry with them or their families. To face sorrow and frustration and anger and yet continue to love what you do and give it your all.

  2. kensbarbie

    The heart of a warrior is one that perseveres and never gives up despite the situation. It is easily adaptable to changes in situation. It listens. It learns. It shows compassion.

  3. jensennurses

    The heart of a warrior can overcome any and all adversity that is thrown at them. These gold-hearted warriors have gone through some of the toughest trials that no one should have to go through, and despite their situation, they are able to smile. They are very passionate about their career, so even when they are battling a tough fight themselves, they are still trying to go above and beyond for their own patients and their needs.


    The heart of a warrior must be fierce to face challenges, to stand up for what’s right even if it means standing alone. The heart of a warrior must also be compassionate, and never forget to feel. Only in our weakest, most vulnerable moments, does our true strength shine.

  5. moonchild066

    The heart of a warrior, to me, means being compassionate.yet strong. We see people at their most vulnerable moments in life and death. We as nurses have a desire to help others in their time of need, desperation, and decision making. Having a heart of a warrior is a gift and an honor.

  6. rguevara

    Being a.warrior it’s patient centered. They are the warriors! They push on through all the horrible effects of treatment with strength, hope and passion!

  7. mssjez

    Being a warrior means finding something that is more important than yourself and fighting for it. My grandmother survived breast cancer twice, needless to say pink is a staple in my wardrobe!

  8. breehat

    The heart of a warrior means strength, endurance, persistence yet with love, compassion and gentleness. Patients need the strength that a nurse can impart to them but often needs love, reassurance, compassion as their sources of hope to survive. The nurse endures and persists despite the difficulties and challenges of caring and helping the patient recover and sustain life at the highest quality attainable. Nurses have “warrior-hearts” consistently fighting for the patients’ wills to live a good life, and to maintain hope for the best things that they could possibly gain; selflessly giving for the wellness of patients.

  9. lthomas515

    Nurses are warriors on a daily basis. They care for patients and their families in hard times, reach out to their community, and generally make the world a brighter and better place. It takes a lot to be a nurse, but it takes even more to be a nurse who is overcoming a struggle of her own: breast cancer or any kind of cancer for that matter. This special type of warrior, who continues to care for others while they themselves are suffering, needs to be recognized and praised. Their hearts are strong, loving, caring, compassionate, and above all more self-giving than any other. They literally give all they have to give and much much more.

  10. Luvababy5

    Warriors are fierce and never give up or back down from a challenge.

  11. michellet77005


  12. goose973

    The heart of a warrior is strong and compassionate. For the nurse that means being a patient advocate. For the patient that means fighting the good fight.

  13. aml1009 Student

    the heart of a warrior – to never give up…. simply stay the course – defend your patients – be the best you can be


    Nurses have special hearts. We are like a clan of warriors dedicated to dealing with those who struggle to heal.

  15. Shirl0728

    To make difference in others lives, to go above and beyond.

  16. saturn567

    Warrior in pink, we look sweet, but we have to help our patients face some bitter moments in life, through thick and thin we fight for their rights and to get them the quality of life and care they deserve

  17. susu32333

    I am a 12 year breast cancer survivor so I know that the heart of a true warrior fights for the betterment of all. As a nurse I know that helping others with information, encouragement , or simply listening is essential in any fight. Exposing that enemy, cancer, by teaching and spreading hope and success serves as recognition that the diagnosis is not who you are. Advances are happening every day thanks to he individuals and organizations researching and spreading the word of hope. Those are the ones with hearts of a warrior. Everyone dealing with this disease or loved ones giving support are true warriors. We will win this fight and set the way for all those fighting every kind of cancer.

  18. tabisadelta

    To have the heart of a warrior mean that you put your all into everything you do. You keep going until you have no more to give. Even when things don’t seem to be going well, you still try. Even when things are going well, you still do your best. You don’t let up, you live hard, you work hard and you love hard. Your energy alone lets the people around you, especially those you are taking care of, know that you are all in!

  19. PharmGuy

    The heart of a warrior allows us to keep our patients positive and motivated to fight while there is still hope and then to help them prepare for and face the end if necessary.

  20. Glory_Bee RN

    Nurses have the heart of a warrior because we are fighting to stamp out disease and save lives, yet still have the tender heart of caring for others.

  21. mareehoover

    To be a warrior is to have a heart , that is diligent , compassionate and kind , to keep fighting for what’s right always do the best for your patient , even when it’s harder to do the right thing than to do the easy choice . Being a warrior with a heart means to keep going keep loving keep doing ..

  22. robin28401

    My mother always said “Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” Every day my patients remind me why I love getting up in the morning and going to work. Nurses really do have the heart of a warrior

  23. jesi13star

    The heart of a warrior means to be strong and never give up. To jump in, knee deep, into the thick of things and get your handles dirty. To not sit back on the sidelines, but rather do what you can when and where you can.

  24. bvidas

    Heart of a warrior to me makes me think about the oncology patients I take care of that are fighting day after day to beat their disease. I watch as they put their bodies through the worst treatments imaginable and watch as they maintain hope and resilience throughout, and battle with everything they’ve got. Their families are strong for them and they are strong for their families. It is truly amazing to watch what people can endure. They are strong, and face some of the hardest decisions we may have in our lives. I am humbled to meet the people I do in my job and think of them all as having the heart of a warrior.

  25. xxamberaxx

    a heart of a warrior is being able to be strong, not just for yourself but for the others around you that also need support and strength that they might not have

  26. Deb63

    To have a heart of a warrior is to have what it takes to help those in need. Not all people can be a takes a special person. One that can be open to thier patients, be a listener when needed, be an advocate to thier patients so that they get proper care, be a shoulder to cry on, and much much more. I myself am a warrior, and im there to help and care for any patient that walks in our doors. To all my fellow warriors. .I commend you and the job we do and the difference we impact on our patients. To each patient we have treated we have touched thier lives and they ours. Happy Nurses week!

  27. ajwells

    The heart of a warrior means to give love even though you need love. It is terrifying to stare cancer in the face and smile & tell your patient “I’m here,I’m fine, I’m not going anywhere as long as you need me”. It’s liberating beyond words to watch someone beat the cancer down when it wanted to destroy their very being and to go on to fulfill there life’s dreams. It’s life shattering to watch a to young client lose the race on earth because of a disease that knows no boundaries, doesn’t care if they’re “to young”, “to good”, “have so much going for them”. It’s a blessing beyond measure to share in all of these moments, that strangers allow you to be part of the most important parts of their lives. In the end we gain everything because of what they so selflessly give.

  28. cajunsweetness3

    Having the love and compassion to help others in time of need.

  29. mannabsn

    Having the heart of a warrior means you are brave in the face of obstacles and never give up!

  30. lpnmommy2011

    The heart of a warrior is tough! I have seen so many lose their battle with cancer (including my own Mom). I have watched these individuals remain high in spirits as their bodies begin slowing down. Yes they have terrible moments, but they keep fighting the fight. My sister is a surviving breast cancer warrior who is battling a new round of health problems, but she never once gave up with her cancer battle. These warriors are amazing people, and I am grateful to be a part of their lives as a nurse!!

  31. bhavly

    A heart of a warrior sees reason, compassion, patience and most of all they recognise the agility and ability of others and themselves. They are able to carry on but also able to take a break and give themselves time to take a step back and just absorb the emotions and feelings and strength around them. A true warrior is reflective of their actions and takes pride in it.