The New Issue of Scrubs Magazine

The Winter 2011 issue of Scrubs magazine is now available at your local scrubs store! Input your zip to find a store near you that carries our print edition.

The most popular article in this issue? Nursing a Marriage! Three nurses examine their love lives, revealing lessons learned, lines drawn, even how to have great sex. Enjoy this three-part portfolio that reflects on different aspects of nurses as spouses.

Are You on Overload? Take our stress test to get an idea of where you stand on the overload-o-meter, then look at your call to action – six simple steps, starting with how to find more balance in your life. There’s no need to let stress overtake your life!

Ever wondered why nurses get fat? Get the real reasons, plus tips on how to outsmart the career-specific challenges that stand between you and your thinner self in the article Top 10 Reasons Nurses Get Fat!

See what other must-read, unmissable stories are in this issue, then pick up your own copy at your local scrubs retailer before they run out!

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