The right and wrong way to wear white scrubs!

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I used to teach clinical rotations at various nursing schools and unfortunately, you know most nursing students are stuck wearing white, which is a color that can scream “I am NEW! I am SCARED! I need a XANAX!”

Wearing white is bad enough. But wearing white the wrong way is even worse.

Here are my tips on uniform style for those of you stuck wearing white:

(1) Watch the underwear: White scrubs do NOT hide any sins. At all. Do not wear striped underwear, pink underwear or any other color undergarments except for white or flesh toned unless you want everyone to know what your skivvies look like.

(2) Watch the sizing: Remember that today’s stores are notorious for “vanity sizing” (a size 6 is marked a size 2…you get the picture). Scrubs manufacturers are more honest, which means a size small is REALLY A SIZE SMALL (and are you really a size small?) We shouldn’t be able to see the mole on your left haunch through your pants.

(3) Follow the rules, ridiculous as they may seem: At one of the nursing schools where I worked, it said in the dress code that the female students were not allowed to wear thong underwear. I was like, uh, am I supposed to look in their pants to see if they are wearing a thong??? That is NOT part of my job description. The closest I ever got to being the underwear police was to tell a male student that he was not allowed to wear royal blue striped underwear under his white pants. And believe me, that was way awkward enough.


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Rebekah Child

Rebekah Child attended the University of Southern California for her bachelor's in nursing and decided to brave the academic waters and return for her master's in nursing education, graduating in 2003 from Mount St. Mary's. Rebekah has also taught nursing clinical and theory at numerous Southern California nursing schools and has been an emergency nurse since 2002. She is currently one of the clinical educators for an emergency department in Southern California and a student (again!) in the doctoral program at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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6 Responses to The right and wrong way to wear white scrubs!

  1. Patrice

    Usually nurses are pretty good about being modest. But, how about a member of management, bending over the copy machine, butt crack showing, and wearing pretty white lacy/racy thong underwear. Yuck! Save it for the bedroom, please!

  2. colleen

    I work with some young girls who wanted to wear the latest style which is hip hugging scrubs and tight fitting tops , well they had ‘muffin top’ and everything was comming out when they sat down and I MEAN EVERYTHING and to top it off they had thongs on . talk about butt crack city. finally management had to say something because family members were complaining . also we had another girl who thought it was okay to wear bedroom slippers to work and when managment called her on it they were ‘picking on her’ REALLY !!!

  3. Granny RN

    One problem that we encountered at my first hospital was one of the EARLY multi-drug resistant staphs causing infection in the OR. The problem was traced back to PUBIC HAIR in one of the staff.
    Some rules are made for a reason…

  4. Lab coats can hide a myriad of sins, especially if the whit scrubs become wet.

  5. Patrick

    As a male, I make it a rule to wear boxers whenever I wear whites, even though I’m much more comfortable in briefs.

  6. Ralph

    A CNA I worked with didn’t get around to doing her laundry & thought she could wear white & go commando. Meaning no undergarments. When everybody stared at her, staff & patients alike, she was pretty embarrassed. When the nurse manager saw her, the CNA was sent home.