The witching hour

Every nurse knows about the somewhat superstitious, yet universally recognized, consequences of uttering “the Q-word” out loud.

So, you avoid it…like the plague. But could you be pitting yourself against so-called taboos elsewhere during your shift?

Allow us to introduce you to the ever-unpredictable “witching hour.”

Always one to be cautious? Learn more about the witching hour by tuning into this week’s episode of “The Katie Duke Show” on ScrubsBeat. You can be sure that Katie will arm you with all the knowledge you need to avoid incurring the wrath of the nursing gods while you’re closing in on the homestretch.

Have you ever fallen prey to the witching hour? Tell us about your own encounter in the comments section below! 


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2 Responses to The witching hour

  1. Rianna Secor

    Just a little trivia. The true “Witching Hour” is at 3 am. It is believed that this is the time of day that the veil between the other side and the real world is thin and closer together. I might call your description the “Evil Hour”, or “Nurse Curse Hour”. Hope you enjoyed my trivia. Love your advice!

  2. ICUshiftnurse

    I work in ICU in Australia and it is a standing joke ( but very true!) that when a patient goes in for bypass surgery or a valve and it takes longer than expected… that they will roll back into the unit at 1855 hrs. Too early for shift change at 1900 hrs and just when you are starting to think maybe this will be your lucky shift and you will get off on time. Oh you can also count on them bleeding, needing vasopressors as well as multiple infusions running out and the anaesthetist disappearing in a cloud of dust.