Top 10 best & worst states to be a LPN/LVN

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There is a projected need for 309,000 LPN and LVNs in the United States by 2016. Considering that LPNs and LVNs are one of the most in-demand professions in America, where should you choose to work?

Below are the 10 best and worst places to be a LPN and LVN, based on starting salary and job openings.

10 Highest Paying States for LPN/LVNs

StateSalary (hourly)
New Jersey$22.50
District of Columbia$21.85
Rhode Island$21.82

The lowest paying states –>

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5 Responses to Top 10 best & worst states to be a LPN/LVN

  1. kiandra coleman

    The salary for missouri is so not true I have been a LPN for only 2 years and have never made less than 19.50 and I live in st louis

  2. mblanset60

    I have worked in Nevada and the pay at an acute care hospital was much higher then what is posted, not sure about LTC. I know work in Washington and the pay is much, much lower. I also worked in Missouri and not sure of what the pay is now but when I worked there it does look comparable to what I was making when I worked there.

  3. djswthrt

    I have always worked in TN. When I lived in the Chattanooga area I made close to $19 and hour. I moved 3 hours north to Johnson City/Bristol, TN are and only make $13 an hour. It is not just the hospital I work for either, everywhere up here pays similar. $6 difference is pretty extreme from one part of the state to another.

    • djswthrt

      I am actually making less now in 2013 as an LPN in NE TN then I was as a medical assistant in Chattanooga in 1995

  4. karen.tucker

    I have live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the pay here is good for LPN’s. In 2002 I graduated and mad 16.50 as a GPN. Upon getting my license my pay was increased to $18.50. Within a year I was up to $22.50. Now I make $25.00/hr. I have worked in LTC since graduating. I worked as a medicare certified independent vent nurse for a year and was paid $21.67. I see the pay year in Wisconsin is pretty good when compared to the list. I learned years age that in LTC I made more as a LPN than some RN’s in the hospital setting. They need review Wisconsin. I made under $20 up until to my first year. After that it was $20 plus. At some pool /temp agencies I have made up to $32.00 an hour.