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Top 10 questions every male nurse must endure

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Every nurse has to field their fair share of annoying questions. The latest winner of our “Win Your Top 10 List on a Mug!” contest reveals the top 10 insufferable questions posed to male nurses.

10. So, how long have you been a male nurse?

9. Are you gay?

8. Didn’t you see the notice in the bathroom? It was right in front of the toilet!

7. Excuse me, sir, may I speak to a nurse?

6. Why aren’t you a doctor?


4. Can you help us so we don’t have to use the Hoyer?

3. What do you want to be when you grow up?

2. How can you make a living on a nurse’s wages?

1. Could I leave these chocolates for the nurses and that nice gentleman who cared for me?

This list is by Jim Butler, RN.

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14 Responses to Top 10 questions every male nurse must endure

  1. LCarney

    My favorite reply since becoming a nurse is “I AM the nurse”.

  2. Richard Westbrook

    Women over 60 used to say:
    Could you rub the top of my leg again, no more towards the middle.

  3. funny!
    male nurse here!

  4. Todd

    You’re still a nurse? When are you going to get finished?

  5. b

    I get “you’re not gay are you” more often than any other. I want to say my deep obviously male voice and lack of any flamboyancy whatsoever should have clued you in that I am not.

    Instead I just say, “My wife and three daughters don’t think so”…

    • Ken York

      I have a deep masculine voice….I’m not flamboyant at all…in fact, I am a biker (the leather vest, patches, jacket and chaps kind that scare the middle class LOL). And I am gay. And I am an RN…and you just perpetuated a stereotype about someone else while bitching about a stereotype being aimed at you. Shame on you.

  6. Re: B

    In response to the above comment:

    I have a “deep obviously male voice and lack of any flamboyancy whatsoever,” however, I am gay. In trying to get away from the “male nurse” sterotypes, you just threw out the “gay” sterotype. Just saying…

  7. Velma

    “That nice doctor stayed with me all night…..he even put me on the bedpan!”

    • blythekd32 LPN

      i get the doctor thing,mostly from the elder population.

  8. Joe B.

    I have been male all of my life and a nurse for about 7 years now.

    • Ken York

      BEST. ANSWER. EVER!!! Beats my “No, I take care of females, too” answer that seems to go right over most of their heads!!

  9. blythekd32 LPN

    i have heard 10,9,6,4 i just find it entertaining with the questions and the patients do to when i answer them.

  10. cconnorrn

    I’ve heard all but #3 and #8.

  11. Chuck Allison

    “Your not wearing the same scrubs as the other aides?” That would be because I’m the nurse…