Top 10 reasons to love being a NICU nurse

iStock | praisaeng
iStock | praisaeng

Do you regularly see your patients and their families leave the hospital grinning from ear to ear with love and excitement?

You must be a NICU nurse!

Here are lots of other reasons to love the profession.

Top 10 reasons to love being a NICU Nurse

10. Babies weigh less and are easier to turn.

9. Your patients cannot curse you (at least not that you can understand).

8. The diapers are smaller.

7. Babies don’t get up and walk at two in the morning.

6. When you walk in to an exposed booty, you smile and say, “How cute!”

5. Your patients stay where you put them.

4. Emesis can usually be cleaned up with a single washcloth.

3. Quiet time.

2. You get to watch in awe as mother and father hold baby for the first time.

1. You get to see your patients and their families leave the hospital grinning ear to ear with love, anticipation, excitement and nervousness!

This list is by Julie, RN.

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6 Responses to Top 10 reasons to love being a NICU nurse

  1. keenah

    Can one work as a NICU nurse with just a nursing degree or do you need additional certification?

    • zornowk

      Yes! I work with several new grads. The orientation is very specialized and geared toward our extra-special population !

  2. Jessica

    All of these are oh so very true!!!! Explains oh so much why I love my job!!!! Not to mention how precious the helpless little babies are!!!!

  3. Nicholas (the token Dad in NICU)

    you forgot:
    when they poop it is only so (envisage tsp) big – they don’t play in it or throw it…
    when they hit you it doesn’t hurt
    it doesn’t take 6 people to turn them over (they are like flipping burgers)

  4. Two of our 15 acute care facilities in Central Florida have applied for their Level II Trauma certifications and are now in the progress of hiring Trauma experienced RN’s. We’ve got a special interest in experienced Labor & Delivery RN’s as well as in NICU RN’s. Level II Trauma designation requires OB nurses to have current BLS, ACSL, NPR certs & AWHONN in additon for NICU RN’s. On-call pay, shifts diffs; hourly wages based on previous experience. Interested candidates shall send a copy of their resume to

    Cheers, Julie

  5. zornowk

    The families are usually very appreciative. They will often come back to see us and to show off their miracle (s), send pictures, food.