Top 10 reasons why I didn’t PTO

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The other night I was soooo tempted to take a S-PTO (sick paid time off) shift for “mental health reasons.” In the end, I just couldn’t justify calling off. Here are the 10 reason’s that persuaded me to get my butt to work (like a *good* nurse):

1. Decided to save my hard-earned PTO hours for real R&R, AKA vacation!

2. Remembered that PTO does not pay what shift work does–I lose that night diff!

3. I thought of my coworkers–man is it hard to replace a warm body on the unit last minute.

4. And I told myself I could go in to work in the hopes that I may just learn something new. Ya know, my quest for becoming super-nurse and all that. *wink*

5. I thought, there is always the off chance I could have a really good night, right?

6. Then I had to face that I would have missed my pre-shift Starbucks. (Addicted, here.)

7. And while I pretended it would be a mental health night, the reality is I would have wasted my time puttering around the house feeling guilty.

8. I also explained to my lazy self that IF I go in, I can use/wear my new shoes/scrubs/socks/pens. (Nice to have a stash of pens, socks, etc for this type of motivation-LOL.)

9. Then I remembered that by going to work,  I may JUST save someone’s life! Quite a reason, huh?

And lastly, I reminded myself…

10. “If I don’t go back tonight, I may never go back!” 😀

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Amy Bozeman

Amy is many things: a blogger, a nurse, a wife, a mom, a childbirth educator. She started her journey towards a career in nursing when she got pregnant with her first child. After nursing school and studying "like she has never studied before" she entered the nursing profession eager to get her feet wet. The first years provided her with much exposure to sadness, joy and other complex human emotions. She feels that blogging is a wonderful outlet and a way for nurse bloggers to further build their community. Traditionally, midwives have handed down their skill set from midwife to apprentice midwife. She believes nurses have this same opportunity: to pass from nurse to new nurse the rich traditions of this profession.

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