Top 10 ways to spot the nursing student

Deciding to become a nurse isn’t just a career choice. Once you’re in school, it’s definitely a lifestyle!

Seasoned nurses can easily pick a nursing student out of a crowd. How? It’s not just the white scrubs. These 10 telltale signs give you away.

10 signs you’re in nursing school

10. You have enough textbooks to BE WebMD.

9. You have purchased enough hand sanitizer to drive up stock.

8. You get to empty the bedpan…AGAIN!

7. You practice different ways of “wearing” your stethoscope.

6. You practice writing your name followed by RN.

5. You’ve purchased “those really cute shoes” for clinicals.

4. You can actually pronounce “sphygmomanometer.”

3. You spend the majority of your time “bottom in chair, face in book.”

2. You do mental assessments of everyone you meet.

1. Just putting on the scrubs gives you tingles.

This list is by nursing student Angela Larson.

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2 Responses to Top 10 ways to spot the nursing student

  1. skidevil87 Student

    I love this! Most of them are so true! I bought a huge container of hand sanitizer and my fiance just looked at me like I was crazy!

  2. Abby Student

    I’m the textbook nursing student. When I got my lab scrubs I tried them on and woke up all my roommates to ask whether they were “good”. I feel bad for them that their going to have to deal with me.