Top 10 ways to tell you’re a CNA

A CNA has a special way of adapting to his or her environment. Check out these humorous insights about life as a nurse assistant.

10. You have a handful of pens and permanent markers in your pockets.

9. You can determine how bad the BM is from the smell.

8. You treat certain residents like family.

7. You know every resident by name and what room they’re in.

6. You need a back massage after every shift.

5. You vow never to end up in a facility when you’re old.

4. You know who the smokers are without looking at the list.

3. You deserve a raise for all the B.S. that you deal with.

2. Taking a few days off feels good—when you’re not worrying about work.

1. You say “good night” and “see you soon” to every resident.

This list is by Denise Freeman, CNA.

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4 Responses to Top 10 ways to tell you’re a CNA

  1. Ranay

    Definitely Agree with All, specially with #’s 5, 3, 2, & 1 :)

    Good post & Thank You! Adding a few more that came to mind in no particular order :)

    You most likely know the resident/pt./client better than the Nurses, Drs. & sometimes even the family.

    You know the smells, Ca., diabetic, gangrene, blood, when you walk in the room, & know what’s in the BM & urine by smell, from meds to last nights dinner.

    You just know Something isn’t right, though things look fine on paper.

    You can remove a fecal impaction with pleasant attitude, an empathetic face, while assuring the person, and not vomiting yourself.

    As far as dressings go, the Egyptian’s had nothing on us-we can do “s m o o t h” mummy in 15 mins.!

    After an enema prep, we can do a complete bed change and have resident clean in under 10 mins.

    You don’t need a gym membership, you do the lifts, squats, bends, and treadmill at work.

    You wonder why cookbooks don’t use cc’s.

    You hate when all of you uniforms are in the laundry, except the last remaining,…the one without the 100 pockets.

    You only get to shave your legs once a month…If you’re lucky.

    You’ve heard “Your Only a CNA” at least once.

    We can be more creative than even an OT.

    You now Thank G-d you weren’t given those oh so large breasts you prayed for, you see first hand the effects of gravity……..

    & maybe no one has told you, but you know in your heart you have made a difference in someone’s life :)

  2. Ayoli

    When you can, quite literally, give step-by-step dictations on a resident’s daily routines and know precisely where each and every personal item is in their rooms.

    Family members know you by name and often times talk to you instead of the charge nurse for routine changes or questions about loved one’s care.

    You realize that your long-term residents are more like friends to you than the people your own age are. <3

  3. Natalie Weiss

    Can totally relate to ALL of these

  4. Dannie78ds

    Definitely agree with every one of these! Lol!