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Top scrubs for male nurses

Top Scrubs for Make NursesAre you sick of wearing the same baggy, nondescript scrubs to work every day? Are you ready to bring your winter wardrobe up to speed with the best styles, fabrics and prints? We’ve put together a list of our top picks in unisex and men’s scrubs fashion, just for you.

Raise Your Hammer
This is our favorite print for men’s scrubs this season. You’ll feel like a god when you swagger down the hallways of the hospital shouting, “For Asgard!” On second thought, there’s no need to shout..these scrubs featuring Marvel Comics’ Thor will do the talking for you. Yes, it’s not lost on us that everyone’s favorite male nurse on the hit TV show Nurse Jackie is also named Thor. We just think it adds to the awesome.


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One Response to Top scrubs for male nurses

  1. These are awesome options for male nurses. I am so glad that you guys are making sure to recognize them and include good scrub options for male nurses as well as females.