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WATCH: Unbelievable hospital scenes from TV

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How many times have you paused, shook your head at some random situation at work, and said, “I can’t believe this is happening.” And that’s real life.

We thought you might need a laugh at moments like this, so we dug through clips from TV shows spanning more than a half century to find these 23 unbelievable hospital scenes. Some are so crazy we can’t imagine how the actors kept a straight face.

Medical Dramas of the 1950s and ’60s

If anyone believed that the doctors in Ben Casey represented real doctors, hopefully they wouldn’t have believed the same thing about the nurses. The only nurse we see regularly is Ms. Wills, and she’s never referred to by her first name throughout the entire series. She never takes off her uniform, even when hanging out with other staff members (in street clothes) off-duty. In this episode of Ben Casey from the early ’60s, nurses are portrayed as very distractable (around minute 4:00 in the clip) or very befuddled and easily confused (around 5:15). Perhaps studios didn’t have research assistants in those days.

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Marijke Durning

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4 Responses to WATCH: Unbelievable hospital scenes from TV

  1. RickD

    hey it’s Spock!!!

  2. Hillarie

    Hey, you guys forgot about that amazing example of a psych nurse, Nurse Ratchid!!

  3. Gerri Morris

    That’s the same hospital from the old “General Hospital” opening from years ago.

    As for the way nurses were portrayed…laughable. I became a nuse back in the 70’s when we were still sterilizing bed pans, and all IV bottles were still glass.

  4. Steph

    Fun article…too bad the clips were removed. I would have liked to have watched them.