Video: Student nurses make hilarious “Call Me Maybe” parody

“Your stare was holdin’, the symptoms of pain were showin’, SOB like my chest was blowin’, what you think is happening baby?!”

We’re loving our latest pop song parody find–this time it’s a take on the summer hit “Call Me Maybe.” In the video, one of the nurses eats McDonald’s food and finds herself feeling pretty woozy afterwards. So what does she do? Call emergency for some morphine!


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One Response to Video: Student nurses make hilarious “Call Me Maybe” parody

  1. rnlife

    Hi Fellow Student Nurses,

    I see and understand that it appears they are trying to make a point to choose healthy foods and to not waste time in making a 911 call. However, please be sensitive to the serious nature that a chest pain is no joke and friends of families of loved ones who have gone through that first hand seeing this may be taken as offensive. It is a parody, but it is not laughing matter as seen by everyone smiling and laughing about a serious issue. It also brings a negative connotation to student nurses. It could have be filmed and edited to be more professional and educational to get a point across while still using this annoying but memorable song which is perfect for a parody. Good luck in your courses! (Anonymous student nurse leader)