Violence and bullying: A guide for nurses

A survey on intimidation by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices found that 40 percent of clinicians have kept quiet rather than question a known intimidator. This obviously has serious potential consequences for patients and for you. Get our tips below.

Workplace Violence:

How to stay safe
Unfortunately, dealing with volatile patients (not to mention families), stressed-out coworkers and hot-headed doctors are things that most nurses are left to confront for the first time all on their own and without much prep. Here’s what you can do.

How to respond to an attack
Is it enough to take the issue to management? One nurse tells her story and shares her opinion. Do you agree?



5 signs your nurse team doesn’t like you anymore
If you’ve somehow lost the trust and respect of your coworkers, you are in big trouble. Of course, people won’t always tell you to your face if they’ve got a problem with you. Here are some tips


 How to deal with nurse bullies
According to one study, 38 percent of working adults have experienced bullying at work and 42 percent have witnessed bullying behavior. Here’s what to do if you find yourself a hapless target.


How to handle MD bullies
“There’s a doctor in our unit who is notorious for being in a bad mood…all of the time.” Does this sound like you? Here’s how to make your coworkers accountable for their actions.

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One Response to Violence and bullying: A guide for nurses

  1. Arwen

    I have considered leaving the nursing profession several times during my career because the bullying was intolerable. I have only worked at one, one, facility where there wasn’t bullying. Many times it was so severe I just quit. They won. Isn’t our job demanding enough without having to deal with this sort of harassment? I have witnessed it as well, reported it (without the victim knowing it), and demanded that something be done. I was not going to watch her go into tears one more day! I have seen nurses become depressed to the point of committing suicide (two of my dear friends). Yes, it is that bad! It is difficult for me to understand how supposed grown-ups can behave with such cruelty, and lack of humanity.