WATCH: Nina Pham, the first U.S. nurse diagnosed with Ebola, speaks from her hospital bed

As a nursing community, we’ve all had Nina Pham, the U.S. nurse who contracted Ebola from patient Thomas Eric Duncan, in our thoughts and hearts. Now, as she continues to fight the virus, her hospital has released an emotional video of Pham that we knew you’d want to see.

In the video, the 26-year-old patient and her treating physician, Dr. Gary Weinstein, exchange a few words before Pham’s transfer from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas to an isolation unit at the National Institutes of Health’s clinical center.

Watch the moving video below:

Pham also released a statement thanking her coworkers, friends and family:

“I’m so thankful for the outpouring of love and support from friends and family, my coworkers and complete strangers. I feel very blessed, and have gained strength from their support. I appreciate everything that my coworkers have done to care for me at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. I’m doing really well thanks to this team, which is the best in the world. I believe in my talented coworkers. I am #presbyproud!”

Nurses, share your words of encouragement and messages of support for Nina in the comments below.

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8 Responses to WATCH: Nina Pham, the first U.S. nurse diagnosed with Ebola, speaks from her hospital bed

  1. Deanna Foster

    My prayers are with you for a full recovery. It’s encouraging to see you doing so well.

  2. Mary Walsh

    Get well soon Nina. Thinking of you from Northern Idaho and sending much love and healing wishes. Nursing can be a thankless, and hazardous career, but know the world is out here behind you.

  3. RNarama

    Very glad to see you doing well!

  4. Heidi Diamante

    Hi Nina, glad to see that you are doing well, I am a nurse as well. I am so sorry that you had to be the first one to have close proximity and contract this disease. We all know you did your best, and sad to say your hospital was not aware on how to take proper precautions, that makes us all mad. I and all nurses are praying for you, stay strong, you will overcome this, that I know, we are all very strong, much love, and a speedy recovery

  5. Emie Rivera

    God is the great healer..keep your faith stronger than the virus that wanted to put you down. Our prayers are with you Pham.Go go go fight…the mighty healer is with you.

  6. nurseteresa

    So sorry to hear you were placed in such a horrible situation where the management didn’t care enough to protect you properly from such a dangerous disease. I am glad you are in Maryland now getting better care. God Speed on your recovery. You and the other nurse have really been able to the doors being opened for some serious issues needing addressing with all healthcare industries. New safe Protocols and EQUIPMENT GETTING PLACED IN ALL CLINICS , HOSPITALS NO MATTER THE COST AND TRAIN STAFF FOR ANY illnesses that present at the front door. Thanks for your time and effort you give every day to a job that sometimes seems thank less. Not from the patients. The management. Trust me I’ve been doing this for 28 years.

  7. bessie66

    I was a nurse for 35 years but times have declined. I pray for you that God will keep his healing arms around you. I pray for a speedy recovery For you, May God bless you now and forever. Keep looking up, He loves you

  8. Michele Redlo

    You have been in my thoughts, as I’m sure most nurses’ thoughts and prayers. I hope you get well soon. THANK YOU for your nursing service.

    Michele Redlo, MSN, RN,
    Supervisor, Emergency Department
    San Francisco Bay Area