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Welcome to the big top

There are days when a hospital is so chaotic, so understaffed and so woefully lacking in snacks that all nurses would be inclined to throw up their highly-sanitized hands and proclaim that they have reached their limit. The final straw has broken the camel’s back, and you are going to join the circus.

Then you laugh…because the notion is absurd. And there’s still four hours remaining in your shift—four hours during which you plan to be as focused, patient(ish) and committed as always.

But is the whole “Plan B: run away with the circus” thing really so implausible? Perhaps not.

In this week’s episode of “The Sean Dent Show” on ScrubsBeat, Sean traces a handful of uncanny similarities between nurses and circus performers. Give his theory a listen and discover why you might be better at dodging knives or taking a tumble than you think…

What other unusual jobs might a nurse be able to take on using everyday skills? Tell us in the comment’s section below. 


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One Response to Welcome to the big top

  1. Mary Walker

    Or sliding across the floor due to urine or the “code brown”….
    Or balancing an overflowing urinal while side stepping sleeping family members and visitors laying in various places around the tiny hospital room!