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Hello and welcome to my corner of the blogosphere here at Scrubs Magazine. Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Sean. I’m a Registered Nurse. I’m a blogger. And yep, I’m a male. According to recent surveys and statistics that makes me quite unique in the nursing world, let along nurses who blog!

I’ve spent the better part of my life in healthcare. Nursing is my second career. Before I became a nurse, I spent over ten years as a Certified Athletic Trainer.

As a nurse I’ve worked in many different environments. My love and my passion has always been critical care nursing, but I have dabbled in other areas of the nursing world including and not limited to surgical services, telemetry, oncology and travel nursing.

To this day I wish I would have made nursing my first choice. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a nurse, and can’t wait to see what the future holds. I’m a huge advocate of the nursing field and the career of nursing. It is THE BEST JOB to have. Where else can one calling afford you such unlimited opportunities?

As a nurse, I love everything about our profession. I thoroughly enjoy my fellow co-workers as well as the unique interaction and relationships with our patients and their families. I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle. Even as a busy full-time RN, and a part-time student I still find the time to exercise as well as make my best efforts at eating the right things and limiting my indulgence.

As a blogger, I have unofficially been at the weB LOG for 3 years. Officially, I started my own blog just over a year ago at My Strong Medicine (Yes a shameful plug).  As a male nurse blogger I blog about everything nursing, thrown together with a little bit of arbitrary rhetoric, current healthcare issues, healthy living, wellness, and fitness all rolled into one.

My goal here is to share my experiences as a nurse, get the male perspective from the front lines, and possibly shed some light on how a busy lifestyle is no excuse for healthy living.

If any of the above sounds intriguing or at least has sparked your interest please sit a spell and have a look around.

There’s a lot to do!

Thanks again and welcome!

Originally posted on Scrubs- The Nurse’s Guide to Good Living.

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