What could you accomplish on a less crazed shift?

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IdleDancer, a critical care RN and popular nurse blogger, recently posted about all that she would do at work if she had more help and therefore, more time.

Her list got us wondering–what would you add to the list? Or should there even be a list? Are you happy with your staffing situation…or is it a little (or a lot!) lacking? We’re curious to know what your experience is!

Here are Dancer’s first six (catch the rest on her site):

SPEED NURSING: Things Nurses Could Do with Safer Staff Ratios

1. Catch subtle symptoms before they progress to an RRT or Cardiac Arrest

2. Be able to spend more time with patients, so they don’t feel neglected, and heck; maybe even bring up the scores on the patient satisfaction surveys

3. Answer call bells promptly

4. Be able to round on patients a lot more, potentially preventing more patients from falling

5. Be able to pee more frequently than once a shift (if that)

6. Be able to eat on breaks at leisure, and not suffer reflux from shoveling food down so fast just to get back out on the floor

What would you do with more time at work? And just how badly (or not!) do you need it?


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7 Responses to What could you accomplish on a less crazed shift?

  1. Smithteamracing RN

    1. Make sure pt.’s get baths
    2. Patient education
    3. Be more responsive to administrative “improvements”.

    • Scrubs Staff Scrubs Blogger

      Great additions to the list, smithteamracing!

  2. saturn567

    Gerd one i can totally relate to,
    to add
    1.commuicate better as I won’t be running towards the next task
    2. Got done in a timely manner therefore could be more well rested
    3. Do a better job at patient care
    4. Decrease the fall rate at the facility I work at
    5. Get my patient what they need in a timely manner

  3. Mike RN

    1) chart more completely (to the degree *I’m* happy with) and still get out on time
    2) be able to round more with the docs and ancillary personnel and learn more from the different caregivers’ perspectives and knowledge
    3) be able to have an actual sit-down, chill-out, break—meal or no meal
    4) have time to talk with coworkers and management about some of the big-picture problems we face in healthcare

  4. Pamela

    1)I would be able to chart in real time as opposed to creative writing 101 at the end of the shift, writing like mad so I don’t clock out past time.
    2)I would spend quality time with patients, helping them to feel better by making a bed, assisting with a shower, cleaning up a night stand, making sure their Teddy Bear was reachable ( I’m a pedi nurse), maybe even help to allay some parents fears and or questions.
    3)I would spend lunch with someone laughing, talking, and helping to lighten a colleagues load just by “commiserating”, but in a positive way
    4)I would go home in peace and feel that my job for that day had been done properly, in order, and with a healthy dose of compassion thrown in.
    5)I would be able to think critically rather than just react, running around putting out fires

  5. okscrapper LPN

    Make sure personal care was adequately done
    Oral care!
    Get charting done during the shift
    Actually take a break

  6. Annastarr

    I would make sure our post CABG patients got in their 6 walks a day, up to chair 3 times a day, and if it was ordered, get in their first shower after pacer wires had been pulled.

    real time I’s & O’s
    actually get in the Q2 turns on time
    get Q4 achs on time
    make sure orthos, labs, etc get done
    do more ADL’s
    actually have time to talk to the patients instead of cutting them off and running to the next room
    having 8-10 patient assignments instead of 14-20
    actually take a full 30 minute lunch