What secrets are nurses keeping from the rest of the world?

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Here’s a fun fact that most people don’t know about healthcare: Nurses see all, hear all and know all. We asked the nurses who follow our Funny Nurses Facebook page to share some of their secrets and unbelievable nursing stories with us. We could hardly believe some of the things they had to say!

“Hospitals can’t really enforce visiting hours. One of the biggest lies out there.” —Vicki L.

“Come to the dark side (pre-hospital emergency medicine) if you really want to learn about the sick and twisted side of the healthcare system.” —Erin W.

“It’s the nurses [who] save the clinical clerks, interns and residents when they start in a new area.” —Marg M.

Other nurses had an opinion on the times throughout the calendar year that patients should avoid getting injured and/or sick:

“We call summer ‘Julyurary.’ It can be so busy you feel as though it’s mid-winter. Plus, shark bites make it interesting.” —Kim D.

“Really don’t get sick at Thanksgiving and Christmas!!” —Suzanne S.

“It is also VERY TRUE about not wanting to get sick in July. Every nurse in a hospital knows this.” —Cindy I.

“And don’t have surgery just before the budget deadline!!” —Nikki H.

One nurse shared her thoughts on how to identify doctors who will provide the best care:

“Always ask a nurse what they know about a surgeon before you use them. There is no better resource.” —Cindy I.

And then there were the nurses who had some interesting thoughts on the special treatment received by the 1 percent of patients:

I would get a call from an administrator saying that ‘so-and-so is coming in for their diagnostic cath; be extra good to _____.’ I would respond, ‘Do you mean I have to treat this person differently than my other patients?’ I would usually get a sputtering, ‘Well, no, but…’ to which I would respond, ‘I treat every patient the same, no matter who they are. You can be assured that this person will be well cared for.’ That crap used to make me see red. Glad I’m not in management anymore.” —Valerie D.

“VIPs expect the five-star hotel experience for the sprained wrist they get for patting themselves on the back.” —Kim D.

It’s time to spill the beans, nurses. What other secrets are you keeping from us? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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  1. JASRN

    Awaiting to see the results/verdict by a 9 member jury panel. On the nearly 9 year ongoing US Federal Court Trial/Litigation (Class Action certified Sherman Antitrust Lawsuit). Having the allegation of (RN’s [Direct bedside care givers] wages) with the allegation of surpression with Detroit Medical Center Hospitals RN’s wage earnings. 7 other area Hospitals (These other 7 Hospitals have obtained out of court settlements) effecting +20,000 RN’s wages from 2002 to 2006. This case trial is scheduled to begin on September 15, 2015 in Detroit Federal Court in the Honorable Chief Justice Gerald Rosen’s Court Room.

  2. Robert Hindman

    If your home medications are not properly reconciled at the time of admission to the hospital, there is no telling what you will be offered to take before your doctor first sees you.

  3. Kandi N Gene Garner

    We got the County Councilmans wife in for surgery. She demanded china coffee cups, real plates and real silver wear. She got it too. She got her meals first. The only thing she was refused was when she told me I offended her by wearing gloves when starting her IV. When I told her I was protecting her from me, she accepted the gloves. Everyone jumped when she rang or she’d call her friend, the hospital Adminisrator. Some people….