What would happen in a nurse’s perfect world?

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Too often, we nurses dwell on everything that is going wrong. How about (for once!) we imagine our world as perfect as possible? Here’s what I would have in my perfect nursing world:

  • I’d never get pulled to work in another unit.
  • Staffing would never be lacking.
  • Patients would not be repeat offenders (admissions).
  • Patient families would be amicable.
  • Supplies would never run short.
  • Pay rate would be generous.
  • Changing jobs would be easy.
  • All patients would have control of bowel and bladder.
  • All patients would be pain-free.
  • All patients would have five or fewer medications
  • CT/X-ray/ultrasound machines would always be open and available.
  • CT/X-ray/ultrasound machines would only be across the hall, not on the other side of the hospital.
  • The elevator would open promptly every time you need it (especially during patient transport!).
  • Nobody would be confused or delirious.
  • All patients would be compliant and adherent.
  • Physicians would not be passive-aggressive.
  • Physicians would round on their patients all at predicted/scheduled times.
  • Families would be present whenever a physician is on the floor.
  • Night shifts would not exist.
  • There would be no annual  job/employer competencies.
  • CEUs would all be free of charge.
  • CEU conferences would all be free charge.
  • License renewal would be free of charge.
  • All nurses, all units, all floors and all coworkers would get along and work together as a team.
  • Bodily fluids would not smell.
  • Blood–more specifically, GI bleeds–would not smell.
  • IVs would never infiltrate.
  • IV starts would only take one try.
  • IV fluids would never run out or run dry.
  • All invasive lines and tubes would be properly placed every time, the first time.

This is a very short list–I know if I sat and really contemplated it, I could quadruple it. I can dream, can’t I?!

Care to add to  the list?

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2 Responses to What would happen in a nurse’s perfect world?

  1. Miroslava Bartošová

    I agree, nurses in my country are quite often in bad mood… Sometimes is very nice to push the “button” of possitive thoughts, and maybe all of duties go smoothly. I have some experiences, when everything was wrong..everything… but ordinary “please” or “thanks” made a miracle…
    I dont know, what possibilities are in hospitals abroad, but in my home we gave up in much of situations… :/ No personal, no supplies, patiens are agressive, desoriented, some of patients want to take their lifes of themselves – that is my own experience in my job :/
    But it is about country situation in system….

  2. RCRN

    No snarky, back biting coworkers!