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What would your superhero nurse name be?

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Every nurse is a hero in our eyes, but we know many nurses wish they could have some superhero abilities to make their jobs a little easier! We asked our Facebook fans to come up with their superhero nurse names and special powers; read on for their hilarious, touching and very practical answers! And if one of your fellow nurses is an everyday hero, nominate him or her for the California Casualty “Hero of the Month” award and your nurse will be entered to win a $10,000 luxury cruise. After all, even superheroes need a little R&R every once in awhile!

My superhero nurse name would be…

“‘Empower Nurse,’ who is able to make each nurse feel as powerful as s/he truly is!”
—Margaret A. Fitzgerald

“‘Flash.’ Not only would I get the work done, I would have time to stop and talk with my patients and hear what matters most in their lives.”
—Sara Panter

“‘Scrubs Nurse.’ And my power would be make everything sterile by touch…no more contamination!”
—Abigail Pamintuan

“‘Anticipator the Step Ahead’–when I sense that a situation needs something, I am either getting it or on my way to get it already!”
—Mary Beth Casey

“‘Electro-Lightning,’ with the ability to correct an electrolyte imbalance with the flash of a bolt! No more replacement protocol!”
—Erin Gallagher

“‘RN’ = ‘Rescue Ninja!’”
—Stephanie France

“‘Super-Nurse.’ The ability to treat all your patients faster than a speeding bullet.”
—Jackson ThisGuy Hunter

“‘Forever Nurse’ can work 10 shifts in a row!”
—Logical Jackieo G

“‘The Needler’…you never feel my shots!”
—Liz Johnson

“‘DVS’—the Deep Vein Stabber, with the ability to hit your vein without the pain.”
—Joseph DeVaney

“‘True Heart’—to touch a chest and heal a heart attack!!!”
—Tina Wallin

“‘The Wizard’—I’m an NP and I would have a magic wand and a crystal ball, so I could diagnose and cure everyone.”
—Wendy Adams Rivard

“Superhero name: ‘MEGA-MIND.’ Power: Telepathy. To save time and effort! No need for verbal order, eh? :)”
—Celso Jr Salon

“Mine would be ‘Chemo Cathy’ and I would be able to cure your cancer just by holding your hand. No needles or nausea—only love would flow from me to my patient. I wish I had the superpower to cure my husband and many, many more.”
—Cathy Hewitt Windham

“‘Head Count Nurse’—where I could instantly provide each nurse with the number of people, both patients and their loved ones, s/he has helped.”
—Margaret A. Fitzgerald

“‘Invisible Med Nurse’: Scanning patients’ armbands to give them their medicines without the patients swallowing them!”
—Candy Bell

“‘Octo-nurse’—with eight arms so I could multitask.”
—Donna Walters Derrick

“‘The Germinator’—faster than any MRSA infection, stronger than a 1:10 bleach solution, able to don PPE in a single bound (and yes, I’m an Infection Control Practitioner!).”
—Gretchen Post

“‘Wonder Nurse’!!! My power would be to make all the pain and suffering go away!”
—Melissa McCall Hammer

“‘Triple H’—Hopeful Hugging Humorist. Kind of covers everything, both in the giving and receiving!”
—Laura Settlage

What would your superhero nurse name be?

Know a fellow nurse who goes above and beyond every single day? Nominate him or her to be the “Hero of the Month!”

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4 Responses to What would your superhero nurse name be?

  1. Darlene RN

    DyNo-Mite Darlene !!!

  2. Darlene RN

    DyNo-Mite Darlene…Able to Blast Away All Types of Un-Incurable Diseases e.g. CANCER, MS, AIDS, ALZHEIMERS, LUPUS, BIRTH DEFECTS…To Name A Few…DyNo-Mite…Like Raid…They’re Done!!!

  3. Darlene RN

    DyNo-Mite Darlene…Able to Blast Away All Types of Un-Incurable Diseases e.g. CANCER, MS, AIDS, ALZHEIMERS, LUPUS, BIRTH DEFECTS…To Name A Few…DyNo-Mite…Like Bug Spray…They’re Done!!!

  4. Steger Webb

    My superhero name would be Bearheart. Because I work on a PPEC with pediatric patients and, I will play games with my patients act crazy singing along with music videos and movies to take the kids minds off their illnesses for a while.