What your scrubs say about your personality

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We asked nurses, “What do you wear, and why?” Those nurses with restrictive dress codes had a simple answer: “Whatever my employer tells me to wear.”

But the rest of our respondents, those who can wear whatever scrubs they like, had a variety of answers about their choices.

We found nine categories of scrubs styles. Take a look through your work wardrobe and see what category most of your scrubs fall into, then match it with our personality assessment. It could help you uncover what others assume about you when they see you walk down the hall!

1. Monochrome Scrubs

What these scrubs say about you: I pick one color that looks good on me and then run with it. All my scrubs are the same color so they always match. There’s no sorting lights from darks when I do my scrubs laundry. That’s how I like things at home and at work — nice and simple. Don’t complicate my day with incompetence or complaining!

2. Pocket Extravaganza

What these scrubs say about you: My main goal when I get dressed in the morning is making sure I have enough space in my scrubs pockets to carry everything I need. You might think I’m a bit weighed down by my workload, but I’m the nurse everyone yells for when they need an extra pair of scissors—stat! I just like to be prepared.

3. Fitted and Flared

What these scrubs say about you: My scrubs tend to follow the fashion for street clothes. I keep in shape to set a good example for my patients—and you can tell by the way my scrubs follow the lines of my body (without clinging too tightly). I show everyone that it’s possible to be professional and stylish at the same time. I take pride in my work and in my appearance.

4. Unisex Uniform

What these scrubs say about you: I’m a no-nonsense nurse who wants to be judged on the quality of my work, not on my looks. Scrubs are a uniform and they perform a function. Most of us have two arms, two legs and one head. Why can’t everyone just wear the same thing at work? Don’t waste my time with frivolous chitchat.

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2 Responses to What your scrubs say about your personality

  1. squonkone RN

    It seems that as a patient it’s hard to tell by their uniforms who is a nurse, PCA,.transport, etc. You have to look at their ID. As a nurse, I Studied long and hard to become a nurse. I want patients to know I’m a nurse by the uniform I wear. I combine 2 of the above catagories when it comes to my uniform. I am a pediatric Homecare Nurse. I lik e to wear bright, cheerful scrub tops for the obvious reason of working with children, but also because I like them. I wear spotless white uniform pants because I want people’s first impression to be that I am a nurse I also wear white shoes. White also gives people the idea of a clean sterile environment which is something everyone wants when it comes to their healthcare. In my opinion, all nurses should wear more white than color.

  2. aleishas_unicorn

    My scrubs are all kinds of colors and pictures. I work in long term and the walls aren’t to bright. So I hope my scrubs bring a lot of cheer to my residents. I usually get complments from them.