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No way to behave

Helping an inexperienced nurse learn the ropes can be a truly rewarding experience. But there are those nurslings, still green, who require a bit more patience than others.

In this week’s episode of “The Sean Dent Show” on ScrubsBeat, Sean calls attention to two very different, but equally negative, outlooks that new nurses should be careful not to try on for size. More seasoned nurses might want to be wary of these outlooks as well.

Have you ever struggled to keep your cool as an unofficial mentor? Share with us your coping strategies in the comment section below. 

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7 Responses to No way to behave

  1. Denise Hassler

    haha.. this is so true!! Working with the know it all nurse is absolutely no fun… When your brand new you never look down at the nurse training you!!

  2. PADave

    I’m going to weigh in on this as a PA, 18 years at my job, mainly on the overnight shift. I’ve seen hundreds of new nurses come through, and we do seem to get a lot on the night shift. If I know the nurse is a new grad he or she gets a pass on the knowledge base for a while, as long as I can see there’s an attempt to get up to speed. I don’t mind the extra pages, I know that most of the time that will taper off with experience. The ones that kill me are the ones I call pathologic pagers. If you call me to let me know my patient spiked a temp, you don’t need to call me five minutes later to tell me you gave the Tylenol that was ordered. The other one is the nurse that just won’t stop talking. At some point in the dialogue you have to let the other person answer. This is usually the “I know everything” nurse.

  3. 3LittleKittens

    I really hope I’m walking the middle of the road. I don’t know everything (and sometimes I really feel like a deer in the headlights) but I’m confident in other areas. I’m not sure how your qualification system works but I trained as an enrolled nurse and am currently upgrading my skills to registered nurse. I too have seen both types of the nurses you mention and they scare me.

  4. CaseySky

    I don’t think what Sean is saying is fair AT ALL. I am a new nurse, and I can admit that there is sooooo much that I have no clue about. 3 years of university does not, in any way, give you enough knowledge and confidence to walk onto a ward and know what you’re doing.
    So many older nurses so easily forget that they were once new to the profession. No one is born a nurse.
    And the health care profession are crying out for newbies, yet the nurses on wards hate new nurses, they hate change.

    • NMnurse74

      What seasoned nurses like to see is someone who listens, takes initiative, uses their critical thinking skills. There are the hateful old grumpies that don’t like to teach, but I think they are getting fewer. Find a good one, and show them that you want to learn, usually interest and initiative will win most of them over. Good luck!!

  5. Tori Kay

    I couldn’t agree more. Even a seasoned nurse who thinks they know it all is dangerous. There is ALWAYS something new to learn in the medical field. Just one of the many reason I love the field!!!

  6. NMnurse74

    I currently work with a nurse that bounces from one extreme to the other!!!