Which words and phrases drive you batty at work?

Kathryn Adams for Scrubs Magazine Print Edition 2014

Kathryn Adams for Scrubs Magazine Print Edition 2014

Every workplace has its trigger phrases. You know, the words and sayings that are sure to have the staff up in arms the moment you hear ’em:

That’s not my job.”

But Dr. Oz says…!


Sound familiar?!

Check out the Fall 2014 issue of Scrubs magazine to discover a few of Nurse Jo’s (far from) favorites. Then, let us know other words and phrases that really get your blood boiling at work in the comments below.

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6 Responses to Which words and phrases drive you batty at work?

  1. denacarnal

    I have been a pediatric home care nurse for 20 yrs. The phrase that drives me crazy is when a child I’m working with goes to their parents for something (a drink of water, read a story, etc) and the parents say “Go ask the nurse. I’m off duty.” I just want to snap back and tell them parents are never off duty so get your child a drink since your in the kitchen getting yourself one.

  2. Amanda Serna

    I don’t want my family member ‘incubated’

  3. Pamela

    A nurse is a nurse is a nurse… Says the supervisor who floats you to a unit that you are not prepared to work in…

  4. shanita.M

    You only work 3 days a week (12/14hr shifts), you have it easy.

  5. Jessica Reinhart

    “The only drug that works is dilaudid”

    When asked to rate pain from 0-10 and the patient rates it at 11 or any other random number greater then 10.

  6. ldyjstce

    The 1 word my A&P teacher explained was NOT a medical term. When something is filled with pus, NEVER EVER add an “-sy” to “pus”.