Will this growing healthcare model help reduce spending?

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In the ongoing struggle to contain the quickly rising cost of healthcare, experts are looking to unique healthcare business models from companies around the country.

A recent New York Times editorial highlights the model used by Bellin Health, a not-for-profit system based in Wisconsin. Bellin has been able to reduce healthcare costs to employers while still showing improvements in quality of care, mainly through the use of onsite clinics at the employers’ workplaces. These clinics are usually staffed by part-time nurses and nurse practitioners.

The clinics are designed to provide immediate attention for minor illnesses, as well as preventative care. The thinking is that these services will reduce emergency room and other hospital visits.

The model seems to be working. Many companies that have Bellin’s clinics onsite are reporting reduced healthcare spending.

What do you think about the business model –have you worked in a similar environment? How would you feel about working at another employer’s workplace? Let us know in the comments below.

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One Response to Will this growing healthcare model help reduce spending?

  1. ksrose1@yahoo.com

    To even begin to get the spending on medical care under control, we must “fix” the basic problem in our country. This is the fact that we as Americans are for the most part OVERWEIGHT. I can say this because I am also in the that vast majority of the over weight and obese population. Look in the mirror, SEE the problem…..I started a journey in Febuary of 2011 and have lost 105 pounds so far. It has not been easy and there have been many road blocks in my way. But I for one truly believe that we are making ourselves sicker by eating and eating…….we shouldn’t be looking at ways to “save” money in clinics and hospitals, but go back further than that. Let’s create jobs for nurses that can help prevent or help others lose the weight.