Word roots quiz V


Test your knowledge of the roots of words nurses use every day in our Word Roots Quiz V.

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Word Roots Quiz V
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The prefix “apo-“ (e.g., apocrine) means “to”.

The prefix “brady-“ (e.g., bradycardia) means “slow”.

The prefix “cerebro-“ (e.g., cerebrospinal) means “skull”.

The prefix “bronch-“ (e.g., bronchial) means “windpipe or airway”.

The prefix “cardio-“ (e.g., cardiac) means “veins”.

The prefix “chole-“ (e.g., cholecystitis) means “bile”.

The prefix “cranio-“ (e.g., craniosacral) means “brain”.

The prefix “desomo-“ (e.g., desmosome) means “band”.

The prefix “encephalo-“ (e.g. encephalitis) means “head”.

The prefix “endo-“ (e.g., endometrium) means “inside”.



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