Work rage

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I suppose you’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the Jet Blue flight attendant who had an altercation with a passenger and ended up flying off the plane…literally, down the emergency chute. He also grabbed a couple beers on his way out which makes me wonder if he might get in trouble for drinking on the job or even “Drinking and Sliding.” This man has now received quite some notoriety for this stunt and I have to say I applaud his creative problem solving skills! I know that there have been a few times where I have gotten close to deploying the emergency only exit but thankfully, I had team members who could pick up where I left off and save my sanity. I wonder where his team mates were? The other flight attendants might have seen this coming or maybe not, but wouldn’t it have been nice for everyone involved if someone had said, “OK, clearly you are about to blow, let me handle this.”  That is a nice part of nursing, I think. We work such long hours together that we really get to know each other and what might set each other off so we don’t go too far into the red zone with difficult situations. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be very impressive to grab a couple orange juice boxes and run down the emergency exit in a hospital now would it?


Rebekah Child

Rebekah Child attended the University of Southern California for her bachelor's in nursing and decided to brave the academic waters and return for her master's in nursing education, graduating in 2003 from Mount St. Mary's. Rebekah has also taught nursing clinical and theory at numerous Southern California nursing schools and has been an emergency nurse since 2002. She is currently one of the clinical educators for an emergency department in Southern California and a student (again!) in the doctoral program at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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16 Responses to Work rage

  1. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    I don’t know… running down the ER exit with those juice boxes may buy you some ‘quiet time’ in a private room.

  2. Diana Liford

    I din’t know, from what I see in your post it looks as if the key sentence here would be, ” I had team members who could pick up where I left off….” and I think a lot of people loose sight of that. That and the fact that nursing is a 24 hr. job and not one nurse can do all for all shifts. I’m sure we’ve all given report to the nurse who keeps you there that extra 20 minutes asking about this getting done, or what about that? It’s 24 hours, babe now go put your big-girl panties on and do your job like an adult. Geeez

  3. anonymous

    I work in a hostile or frustrating environment. No teamwork!!!! Everyone Just about everyone is rude. The dietary manager has “YELLED” at several of the nurses for various reasons. The nurses are responsible for absolutely everything! We have to be in the dining room to serve, pass drinks, pass desert, chart what is eaten, scrape the dishes as we take them to the kitchen. Babysit the aides, and residents. Everytime a light rings you are expected to stop what you are doing right now and go answer it right now rergardless of wether that is assisting another resident or not. Thanks for letting me vent. I have never been in a job where I feel so disrespected in my 18 years of nursing.

  4. Paula

    I have been a nurse for 27 years and it is one of the most thankless and thankful jobs that I have ever done. I have had many patients make me want to quit and stomp out the door (with a beer in hand, if possible) but I stay for the ones that appreciate me and need me. Thank goodness there are more of them than the others. As for team work, I think that went out the door a long time ago….it is every nurse for herself

  5. dollie

    I have been a nurse for 35 years. I have had to take hell from the doctors and other nurses. We have a code of conduct now. After 35 years I finally got the guts to report a physician. It felt good.

  6. ruby

    I am a new nurse working for a SNF in northern California. I thank heaven for allowing me a good paying job…but the CNA’s on the othe shift have given me the nick name of , “the B**** Nurse” Because I expect them to do their job…I have been a CNA so I know how difficult it can be, I help them out whenever I can but when another nurse calls off because her boyfriend is in town for a week and I have to work not only my 4 regular shifts but 3 16 hour shifts to cover her, the last thing I need or want is a CNA sitting on their bottom, watching me pass their snacks, answer the lights and alarms, pass my meds, and ship the woman to acute who has chest pains. Then at 10 when I finally have a minute to chart on 15 patients the vital signs they’re assigned to do aren’t done yet…What can I do to get them to start working with me instead of against me?

  7. becky

    Ive been a nurse for almost 18 years. the last 9 in a fast paced critical care, and it was NEVER the patients or families that caused me problems, i worked the night shift since starting, did charge nurse work etc, 2 years ago we changed managers and our unit has went completely down hill, she has plotted us all against each other, and has no managment skills, she would never email, call or even contact night staff to see how things are going, i had voiced several concerns to her regarding safe patient/nurse issues at night never recieving a call, email or anything, to talk about my concerns so i started up the ladder ending with administrtation who also didnt follow up with my concerns and within 2 weeks of my last note to my manager asking for her help, i was terminated, stating i was a disciplinary problem and that they had used up all there disiplinary actions on me, when i hadnt even been given a written warning since 2006 for missing 3 days in a 6 month period one of those times i was actually in the hospital as a patient. needless to say i won my unemployment hearning and then the hospital tried to appeal the decision and was told by the appealate judge that how dare he waste his time, my time and my lawyers time on this matter. it was by far one of the worst cases of of wrongful termination theyd ever seen, unfortunatly my state is an at will employment state and i couldnt take them to court….it was very sad for me because i absolutly LOVED my job my patients, docs and coworkers. i hope no one ever has to go thru what i went thru.

  8. Sarah

    I have worked in several long term care facilities, but the last two were doozies! Owned by the same family, maybe that was the key. When I quit; it was one administrative nurse would give me direction to do something, then another came along and told something else and but then both would say, ‘that’s what your DNS has relayed to us about what you should be doing’! Then the DNS came by questioning what I was doing or not doing…and neither administrative nurse was correct as far as she was concerned and then she flat out yelled at me. I just threw all the papers I had in my hands up in the air and said….”that’s it I have had enough! ” and I quit. It actually, felt very stress relieving!

  9. rosie

    I have been a nurse for several years and had a horrible experience in a job. It was all of the things you all described. CNAs not doing their jobs sitting on their behinds all night, poor management, no procedures or policies, horrible backstabbing staff, they would hire and fire constantly, and the patient load was horrible 11-12 pts per nurse and CNA. The documentation required was unbelievable. Shift assessments were 5 pages long per patient. It was so bad I quit and I am not sure I even want to be a nurse anymore. I actually had a nurse manager cuss me down the hall and into a patient’s room in front of the patient. she was mad becasue she thought I had told management about the CNAs, only problem was it wasn’t me! It was awful. I don’t think I will ever work the floor again. I started having panic attacks at night, etc. I’m so glad I quit that place. No job is worth that. I’d rather dig ditches.

  10. rosie

    my advice? Leave! If management can’t make the CNA do their jobs, there’s nothing you can do. don’t stay thinking it will get better, you’ll just be miserable and maybe end up terminated because of the CNAs. There are too many other jobs out there. I was a new nurse thinking I could make things better, but if the facility doesn’t back you up, its a sinking ship. abandon ship now while you have options. :)

  11. I have been a nurse for 22yrs and I’ve had enough! It is worse now than it ever has been! The pay has not kept up with the physical and emotional toll on my body. I currently work in a very busy ED in a small town. It is the absolute worse job Ive ever had. The charge nurse only helps out her favorites and ignores everyone else. You are left to flounder on your own and hope no criticall errors are made as you care for a one on one patient and still have 3 others that are driving you insane! And the new manager is so insecure that she will write you up if she even hears you mention the former manager’s name. I am ready to throw in the towel. im getting too old for this. Unfortunately, I have hurt my neck and T-spine so bad while working in my current job, that I’m not sure I can even continue in nursing. I am at the point where I don’t know what to do.

  12. Michelle

    I agree that teammates in nursing are super important. I recently moved to Northern California from Oregon (due to my husband’s relocation for work) to take an RN position on a Tele floor. I am amazed at the number of nurses on the floor that are unwilling to help out their teammates. There is a mentality of every nurse for themself. Where I worked before the nurses and aides helped each other frequently and happily. It was a terrific work environment and the positivity of the floor was noticed by the patients all the time. I am trying hard to keep a positive attitude at my new place of employment and offer to help others out when I have the opportunity, in hopes that it will be contagious. Unfortunately, that is not going so well. I even got scolded by the charge for taking a BP on a patient when the aide was busy because she said “that is not proper delegation.” Sheesh…whatever happened to teamwork! I have only been there 4 weeks and I am already looking for a new place to work!

  13. bullied nurse

    I have been a nurse for 5 years, I started working in a clininc which I loved for 1 year. Then management decided to move us to a private sector instead of public community clinic. During this moving, I was not informed that I would be in the same suite where there is MA and 1 EMT under another Physician in the same suite. I am a PA’s nurse, so that makes me the only licensed person inthe clininc.
    I was trown in there without having knowledge of anything to the point that I did not know that I no lionger have the same nursing supervisor, now it’s the office manager which completely hates me! This is a big clinic, and while we are located in the same building just separate suites I am being cast out. The assistants are horrible, they allready yelled at me and they don’t respect me at all, including the off manager. She has stated that I am the only nurse and that I have no authority over them. I have reported this to the Adm Assistant and was told to hush and deal with it. I am tired of having to get up in the mornings to go to work and look at their faces and their attitudes.
    I feel that my license is in jeopardy because of my ex-supervisor did not want to assign another nurse in that suite and when they ask something , they immediately respond that they can’t take orders from them because they are not licensed.
    I don’t know what else to do, I have started looking for another job. Any sugestions?

  14. dyamond

    I worked in the nursing field for a long time. If i knew what it really involved being a nurse I would have never choose this as my job.

  15. Frustrated RN

    I currently work in Same Day Surgery at a small, privately owned hospital and I hate it! Back stabbing, lying, sarcasm, laziness, short staffed, the list goes on. Administration doesn’t care about employees, Pt. satisfaction scores are the main focus. Employee satisfaction is immaterial. Immediate manager/coordiantor has zero experience in management and has had less than zero orientation. She has her “favorites” those with brown noses, send little notes and messages (how appropriate?) and make things up. I have been written up numerous times not for poor nursing skills, incidents or judgment but because of personailty differences. There is absolutely no teamwork, common courtesy or respect. Passive-aggressive is the main personality type. I keep hoping another job will come along, but all local hospitals have laid off, office jobs don’t pay and “seasoned” nurses like me at 50 years old are having a hard time getting anywhere.

  16. m.Louise RN

    Hmm…been a nurse 33 years and I DID do something a little bit “crazy” ONCE…I was in charge of a busy 12 bed mother-baby unit and they were pushing to discharge “couplets” so we could get another “couplet”in the next five minutes! Oh and I had a full assignment myself.

    Well phones were ringing and I was being called to the desk to be asked “Do you have any beds yet?” for the millionth time and I said “That’s it!” and I LAID DOWN ON THE FLOOR IN THE NURSES STATION!

    I just did it and everyone around was so shocked and then they started laughing and I did too and so I got up (with a little help from my friends) and took a deep breath and went back to work. From then on, whenever I looked stressed, they would all say “You’re not gonna lay down on the floor again are ya?”

    So anyway! Gotta deal with stress somehow, why not laugh while you are at it!