WATCH: Remarkably sweet nursing home moment

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Henry is a 10-year resident of a nursing home who barely recognizes his own family. He is “inert, maybe depressed, unresponsive and almost unalive,” that is until a nurse brings him an iPod full of his favorite songs from his youth.

Wow. Makes us all remember why we do this. Every day.

For another article on how music can change your patients’ lives, see this beautiful story.



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3 Responses to WATCH: Remarkably sweet nursing home moment

  1. mamajo RN

    This is so beautiful and amazing!

  2. singel

    Just beautiful!! What great timing too…..I am lecturing on seizure disorders for my nursing students in the morning, and I plan to play this video clip to help remind them WHY we are nurses…why haven’t we figured this out earlier??? We use music to motivate us with exercise, help patients with stress, and children to soothe and calm….great idea!!

    thank you for making my day!

    Laurie Singel MSN RN BC
    University of the Incarnate Word
    Ila Faye Miller School of Nursing
    San Antonio Texas

    • Scrubs Editor Scrubs Blogger

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and for making our day, Laurie!