You know your mom is a nurse when…

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Could you convincingly make an argument that the children of nurses are the healthiest people on the planet?

According to this list, that sentiment may very well have merit.

You know your mom is a nurse when…

10. She asks if you’ve had a bowel movement recently.

9. She asks you to describe the pain on a scale from 1 to 5.

8. She tells you to drink lots of clear fluids.

7. She cuts everything with bandage scissors.

6. It takes her a few minutes to empty her pockets after work.

5. She comes home with bar codes stuck to her uniform.

4. You are used to seeing her after a 12-hour shift.

3. She doesn’t have holidays off and never gets to leave during a large storm.

2. She can give you the dosage and generic name of a drug off the top of her head.

1. She’s constantly worried about your health!

This list is by Shannon Guy, CNA.

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34 Responses to You know your mom is a nurse when…

  1. Dawn

    LOVE IT!!

  2. Brenda

    This is great LOL the only thing left out is …she uses medical tape to wrap your presents.

  3. Elaine Smith

    SO TRUE!

  4. Conni

    When the neighbor kids come over with their cuts and scrapes just to check out the tackle box sized first aid kit.

  5. Kathy

    The neighborhood PARENTS bring their kids with cuts, for your Mom’s advice on stitches? Or no stitches?

  6. Kathy

    When your Mom sits and discusses surgeries they’ve done at work, with YOUR doctor!

  7. Tami

    You are teaching your toddler “Where’s your eyes?” Then applaud when she points to her eyes. “Where’s your ears?” Yay! More applause!! Then “Where’s your pancreas?” And she of course points to where her pancreas is! Yay! And your daughter tells her teacher “I need to empty my bladder” and her preschool teacher rolls her eyes and thinks “ughh, yes, indeed this child’s mom is a nurse!!!!

  8. You know your Mom is a nurse: As a operating room nurse of 29 years, my answer is when she counts the dishes as she washes them.

  9. Brooke

    When you teach your child the real way babies are made and he goes to school and tells his friends and you get a call from upset parents. :)

  10. Christina Mitchell

    This is so true! Lol!

  11. Deborah

    When the entire family/friends is txt’n u w s/s n asking advise….While ur @ Wk! £Lol

  12. Cheri Fitzgerald

    YOu know your moms a nurse when your kids are sick to their stomach and say they need zofran !

  13. Harknessfan

    …When your child knows they aren’t allowed to eat or drink anything after they throw up.

    …When your child knows that a Bandaid won’t be dispensed for injury unless there is blood and cannot be applied without triple antibiotic ointment.

    …When your child knows all of the correct names for his / her anatomy and uses them to describe “EXACTLY” where their discomfort is.

  14. carolyn summerford

    when you use the chicken heart to teach anatomy before you cook it, or your family begs you over dinner NO MORE STORIES< and you are so happy when you have someone over for dinner who really appreciates your tales, of course another nurse.

  15. LT

    Ha ha, not just if you have had a bowel movement but what color it was!

    I think I have done pretty much all on the list:)

  16. Beverly

    you know your mom is a nurse when: As a a nurse who worked in geriatrics for six years, my answer is when she can discuss suctioning her patients and doing a dressing change on a body part that is necrotic all while eating a sandwich.

  17. Sandi Polega RN

    When she Is asked to talk at career day at during kindergarten and she shows all the kids how to wash their hands for at least 30 seconds using a song. She also demonstrates how to turn the water on/off with paper towels and open doors with paper towels…

  18. Sandi Polega RN

    When she brings in the child CPR manikin from the local American Red Cross and demonstrates to the upper elementary children, on career day, how to help a choking friend and call for help.

  19. Sandi Polega RN

    One more….. It’s your child’s turn to submit the weekly spelling word in sixth grade. You state to her a long surgical procedure and they share with the teacher, the teacher calls you and ask’s where she found the word, and she knows what it means. Bilateralsalpingoopherectomy.!!

  20. Sandi Polega RN

    Oh my, another one. My daughter states you know your mothers a nurse when she walks into a hospital in nurse mode even if she’s just visiting…

    • BrendiV

      Or when you’re in nurse mode… as a patient! I was a patient a couple weeks back and I was napping when I hear “We need a nurse in here now!” In my half asleep state I actually got out of bed and started towards the call lol! Then I remembered I don’t even work at that hospital!

  21. wahela LPN

    I became an LPN a bit later in life, all my children were grown. Therefore they don’t believe I actually know anything, so my youngest will call for advice. I would tell her what i would do in that situation. And she will pause and then say, “Maybe I’d better call the doctor’s office and talk to his nurse first.” “Okay.” She will call back later in the day to ask another question (you would think I’d learn). I’d ask her what the doc’s nurse said, “The same things you said,” (his nurse was a friend of mine and she was an LPN too). None of my kids actually believe that I know what I’m talking about. lol

  22. crissy1219 RN

    Very true. LOL! =P

    • mommacyndi RN

      you complain of a stomach ache and she makes you lay down so she can check for rebound tenderness for appendicitis.

      • mommacyndi RN

        She can talk about stage 4 decubitis or wounds that need packed while eatting.

  23. pvanne60

    You know when your mom is a nurse when he /she suggests to have options 1,2,3 to solve a problem.

  24. “1. She’s constantly worried about your health!”
    … all moms in this world are constantly worried about their children’s health :))

  25. carollynnSKJ Caption Contest

    My daughter wouldn’t let any of her little friends sit down to eat at our table until they washed their hands. I once heard her telling one of them, “Use more friction! You’re not washing them right.”

  26. neonghost7 Student

    Or…. Your DAD is a nurse. :) ANYTHING that needed taping was taped with paper tape. Had a million stethoscopes laying around. Only pair of scissors you will ever be able to find are bandage scissors. He could tell if we were faking sick with just a sideways look. We had a massive tackle box full of first aid. He gave my sister stitches at home at the kitchen table. Anyone who was contagious was quarantined, we did not get to lay on the couch in the living room when we were sick! The whole house was sanitized. I had a birthday gift taped with surgical tape. And our couch got a rip in it that he gave stitches. The rip happened 17 years ago and is still holding strong. I love when we go out and someone starts coughing on their food. People are screaming for a Doctor or a Nurse and my Dad just keeps eating. He yells out ‘They are fine! He’s coughing, he’s moving air, leave him alone!’ and goes back to eating.

    • bubblyashRN

      I’m guilty of the last part too! If they are still moving air no reason to get excited! Deep breath and cough!

  27. bubblyashRN

    You know your mom is a nurse when you become one too! All the memories of medical tape and bandage scissors all over the house and visits to the hospital where there was always food :) I guess that’s why I feel so comfortable as a nurse, I grew up around it :)