Top 10 ways you know you’re an Ortho nurse…


Ah, X-rays. What could be more fascinating, right?

If you’re nodding and sighing at these words, you’re definitely an Ortho nurse!

Top 10 ways you know you’re an Ortho nurse…

10. You know the difference between a fracture and a break.

9. You want to X-ray everyone, for anything…all the time.

8. You think the heart is simply there to pump the Kefzol prior to an ortho surgery.

7. You have said “It’s JUST a fracture” hundreds of times.

6. The first time you used a power tool was in the OR.

5. You don’t think the phrase “You screwed a patient” is funny anymore.

4. Anytime something falls in the OR you want to fake a seizure and pee yourself.

3. You have your own X-ray lead with your name embroidered on it.

2. You can tell who put a cast on just by looking at it.

1. You don’t think there is any other field of nursing.

This list is by nurses of Orthopedic Associates.

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