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This weekend I was home alone with my four year old.  If you have kids you know how it goes, or if you don’t I am sure you remember your mother or father doing this to you.  Your kids is doing something they are not supposed to be doing, you correct them, but they continue, so you count 1, your better stop before I get to 3…..2, you are about to get in big trouble……3, go to your room!

As I was going though the 1-2-3 dance with my daughter for about the 15th time this weekend, I was thinking how great it would be if dealing with staff was that easy.  I could just walk out of my office, look at them, maybe raise an eyebrow or furrow my brow and they straighten up.  And then as a last resort start counting.

Here’s the scenario I was thinking.  Nurse Sarah comes to work late for the fourth time in a row.  I have talked to her about several times, but she continues to come in late.  Finally, I confront her by giving her my best look of disapproval and saying how disappointed I am in her actions.  She proceeds to tell that it is not a big deal, she is only 5 minutes late and I doesn’t make a difference.  I ask her to stop, but she continues.  So I start with ONE……still Nurse Sarah tells me I am being unreasonable and I shouldn’t have any concern for her private life.  I ask Nurse Sarah to stop before I get to three or I will send her home.  TWO…..Nurse Sarah becomes even more angry and yells at me.  Finally, THREE, Nurse Sarah please get your stuff and go home you are being suspended.

Then next time I start the 1 — 2 — 3 dance with an employee, they know how serious I am and they stop at two.  How great would that be?

(For those of you that are all worked up about this and already working on your responses to tell me off….it’s a joke, lighten up!)

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