10 beautiful and fun Etsy picks for nurses!


Between the bedpans and the bureaucracy, life as a nurse can get ugly at times. You may be suffering from foot pain or back pain after endless hours standing, walking and lifting. Maybe a patient or a doctor yelled at you today. Perhaps you got called in to work another shift when you are just dog tired.

On days like these, you need a little extra beauty or humor in your life—something to look at that will make you smile. Online shopping therapy can take your mind off your woes. You can even feel good about spending money since you know it goes to entrepreneurial artisans. Here are our top 10 Etsy selections for nurses.

Scope This Out

It’s a stethoscope cozy! Nursing student PaisleyMaizie makes stethoscope covers from fashionable fabric in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Each one is padded and then lined with ultra-soft Minky microfiber. Now, instead of feeling like your scope is a rubbery snake trying to strangle you all day, you will feel like it’s giving you a warm hug.

Nurse of Steel

You’ve got to respect an Etsy shop owner who knows how to sell the benefits of using cheap materials and adding value with customization. These stainless steel washers are billed as hypoallergenic, durable and affordable. Each one is hand stamped with your name or a message and has an RN charm and a Swarovski crystal (in your birthstone color). The end result is surprisingly pretty.

Totally Toteable

This zippered tote bag is for nurses and nursing students who want to forgo wearing a fanny pack but don’t quite need rolling luggage to carry around all their stuff. Buy a tote for yourself or get one customized as a gift to help ease the burden of a nurse you know and respect.

No Cure for Stupid

In the classic Jimmy Stewart film The Shop Around the Corner, the leading actress sells a cigar box to an unsuspecting female patron by billing it as a candy box. This Etsy owner does something similar by advertising this handmade cigarette case as a business card or ID holder. That’s good, because we wouldn’t want to encourage any of our readers to smoke. But this retro “card case” is too cute to pass up.

Fill to Me the Parting Glass…

…And drink a’ health whate’er befalls. This is a great going-away gift for a nurse who is retiring. Here’s hoping she can kick back on a beach sipping something cool and soothing from her very own personalized glass. You can pick the name, title and identifying characteristics to make the nurse’s face vaguely recognizable. Once she gets her beer goggles on, she’ll swear it’s a perfect portrait.

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