10 childhood traits that signaled you were a nurse in the making

It takes a special kind of person to become a nurse. So special, in fact, that we’re willing to wager there were some signs throughout childhood that you were destined for scrubs.

Not sure? Perhaps one of these 10 telling traits will strike a chord.

1. Your parents were all about those family road trips.

You never asked to stop and use the restroom, even that one time, when you were on the road for 12 HOURS.


2. While you weren’t exactly clear on the science, a part of you felt like there might really be something to that whole “cooties” thing, and you took the threat very seriously.

So—if anybody got a little too close, you’d go from 0:


To 100:


Real fast.

3. You always felt really torn about high-contact sports. Sure, you saw the potential for injury everywhere, but you weren’t about to miss out on witnessing all the action (all minor, of course).

4. You always just knew when your brother or sister was pretending to be sick. Depending upon your mood, you might even help them up their game while your parents searched for the thermometer. Otherwise…


5. You drank a least a cup and a half of coffee to prepare for every test, quiz or presentation—starting with the ABCs, and that report you did on sea otters.

6. You kind of preferred used toys—especially stuffed animals. They were much more fun to take care of than teddy bears who weren’t at risk of losing a (button) eye.

7. You were UNPHASED when your parents explained to you “the birds and the bees.”


You may even have corrected them. Twice. 

8. You were pretty fearless, but for some reason, you had a very negative response to clipboards. In fact, one glimpse of the classroom roster and:


9. It was all right if your parents forgot to drop a treat into your lunchbox, but if they forgot to include your favorite anti-bacterial hand wipes—well, then there was hell to pay.


10. As for trips to the doctor’s office…

Other kids:




So you see? There was no escaping that #NurseLife. But is that really such a bad thing?

Point out the signs we forgot in the comments section below! 


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One Response to 10 childhood traits that signaled you were a nurse in the making

  1. ambient1

    I knew I was a nurse the day the egg split in two lol. I put mud on my siblings bee stings, my childhood dolls have shot marks from practicing, one had a broken ankle that still has the tape wrap on it and one has a nurse outfit. Halloween was a nurse. My mom didn’t do well with blood so I brought bleeding siblings in with the saying “it’s not as bad as it looks”. I’m from the dark ages too and we had no seat belts, no wipes of any kind, glass thermometers were put in a communal alcohol jar, we got chicken pox and measles, polio vaccine on sugar cubes, and yes we all survived! I am still a nurse and I love it!!!!! PS we didn’t have lunch boxes we had brown bags lol