10 cocktails for nurses

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Throwing a party for your coworkers or just need a laugh after a long shift? Try our favorite nurse-themed cocktails! Please enjoy responsibly.

Each recipe makes one drink.

1. Code Blue (aka Blue Bay)
1 part blue curacao liqueur
2 parts bitter lemon soda
Ice cubes

Mix all ingredients in a highball glass. Stir. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

2. The Call Light (aka Campari® and Ale)
3 oz. Campari bitters
6 oz. ginger ale

Place several ice cubes into a 12-oz. highball glass or equivalent. Gently pour in the Campari bitters until one quarter full. Add the ginger ale until three quarters full, pouring across the side of the glass so as to not affect the Campari on the bottom.

3. Have Murse-y Margarita (aka Banana Margarita)
1 oz. creme de banana
1 oz. gold tequila
½ oz. triple sec
¾ oz. lemon juice
¼ mashed banana

Apply lemon juice to the rim of a frosted double-cocktail glass and dip into caster sugar. Fill the glass with crushed ice, add the ingredients and blend briefly. Serve with a lemon juice-dipped slice of banana.

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One Response to 10 cocktails for nurses

  1. Peggy V

    Snake Bite

    Yukon Rose – 1 shot and Tequila – 1 shot. You’ve been snake bit!