10 funny signs I was destined to become a nurse

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As a kid, I never thought of being a nurse. It wasn’t until my mid-20s, after a degree in a totally unrelated field, that started thinking I might become a healthcare provider. Here were my clues that I was destined to be a nurse…what were yours?

10 funny signs I was destined to become a nurse

10. I had an obsession with really comfortable, supportive shoes.

9. Given the choice, I’d prefer to wear drawstring pajamas all day.

8. Blood doesn’t bother me. Neither does poop, or vomit, or smelly things. Phlegm does, though, so being a respiratory therapist was right out.

7. I’ve always gotten up before the sun; why not use that to my advantage by getting a job where I had to leave the house at oh-dear-thirty?

6. Germs don’t bother me in the least.

5. I’ve always been really good at translating complex technical terms into English without making the other person feel like an idiot.

4. Drawing blood and starting IVs turned out to be really cool.

3. My parents taught me to be endlessly patient while at the same time teaching me to stand my ground against bullies.

2. I don’t have to pee very often. I’m like a camel, but in a bladder-contents sort of way.

1. I was born with a third arm and eyes in the back of my head. What gets me strange looks when I walk down the street is an asset in the nursing world.

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