10 great gifts for CNAs

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It’s time to recognize and honor CNAs (Career/Certified Nursing Assistants)—those folks who spend their working days administering pretty intense hands-on care to individuals who are ill, elderly or disabled. The National Network of Career Nursing Assistants has designated the week of June 16–23 as the 34th annual National Nursing Assistants Week and June 16th as National Career Nursing Assistants Day. If you work with a CNA and want to show your appreciation for the work she or he does, here are 10 ideas for gifts that are sure to please.

1. A gift certificate for a manicure
Unlike the rest of the gifts listed below, this one isn’t something you can hold in your hands. But speaking of hands, a CNA endures a lot of wear and tear, so what would be more enjoyable than having those hands—and nails, of course—pampered? And a manicure always includes a hand massage, which is often the most delightful part of the experience.

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2. A tote bag
Everyone can use a few more reusable cloth bags, and every CNA will get a kick out of this one, with its list of 10 humorous quips about what defines a CNA.

Tote Bag

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3. A coaster
There’s nothing subtle about this message. The CNA you give this to might actually want to have one for work and one for home, as it would be a great conversation piece at a party.


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4. A fridge magnet
Here’s a great way to hint to coworkers and family (if the magnet goes home with the CNA you give it to) that this CNA isn’t averse to being cajoled or bribed with—or simply treated to—a little sugar now and then.

Fridge Magnet

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5. A mug
This one states the truth—in the simplest terms possible—about CNAs.


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6. A key chain
Pick up this small token of appreciation for the CNA who already has everything. These key chains are so inexpensive that you could buy one for every CNA on your team or floor.

Key Chain

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7. A T-shirt (actually a spaghetti-strap top)
Okay, this definitely won’t be the right gift for every CNA, but it’ll be perfect for some, particularly those who don’t mind flaunting their curvaceous shapes a bit—when they’re off duty, of course.


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8. A package of CNA postage stamps
These are simply cool—and totally useful. The CNA recipient of these stamps will love putting them on whatever she or he mails.

CNA postage stamps

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9. A pillow to curl up with
This is a nice big pillow, perfect for those naps on the couch after work, or for lounging on the floor while watching television.

A pillow

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And for the male CNA in your world…
10. The perfect T-shirt
Unfortunately, the saying on this T-shirt is probably very true, but it’s also bound to evoke a smile or a chuckle from the fellow who dons this at the end of a hectic day.

The perfect T-shirt

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