10 humorous ways I knew I was a nurse

The day you start nursing school your life changed permanently.
There is the life “before nursing” and then life as a nurse. Two very different worlds.

Here are some of the ways I knew my life had changed when I became a nurse.

1. I started using a different language
“Rationale” and “as evidenced by” became common terminology. Really… (only nurses will understand this one) don’t ask. Heh heh

2. Acronyms became my best friend
Patient history of COPD, CAD, DM, BKA, CVA with some JVD and new onset CHF noted. What??? Can I get a vowel, Alex??

3. I somehow started caring about the type of pens I use
A “fat” pen with some cushion is like gold when you have to write narrative notes that are pages long for EACH patient you care for during a shift.

4. My bladder grew 3 sizes larger
For some strange reason I could go 12 + hours without having to use the bathroom? Is that normal?

5. Coffee was a mainstay in my diet — and still is.
Without it I don’t think I could blink properly some days.

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