10 cures for frazzled nurses: shortcuts for an easier day


3. Run any errands right before or right after your shift, if you can. Of course, if you’re working a night shift, you might just need to get home to bed, and that’s understandable. But if you can, package your errands into your travel to and from work, so you won’t have to dip into the time you should be relaxing at home or doing things with your family and friends. And get everything ready for those errands ahead of time—your shopping list, your dry cleaning stub, the letters or packages you have to mail—with your work gear, so you can just grab everything quickly and head out the door.

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Cynthia Dusseault
Cynthia Dusseault is a professional freelance writer with both a health and an education background. A former medical radiation technologist and elementary school teacher, she realized that no matter what she did, she was drawn to any task that involved writing, so she decided, over a decade ago, to write full-time. Since then, she has written for a variety of magazines and websites including Nursing PRN, National Review of Medicine, University Affairs, Your Health, Education Leaders Today, Today's Parent, Children's Playmate, and many more. She has written about topics such as asthma, genital herpes, circumcision, teleradiology, body art, learning disabilities and exercise trends, and she absolutely adores the fact that writing—particularly doing the research for the articles she writes—makes her a lifelong learner.

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