10 more great iPhone apps for nurses

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Greetings everyone! New apps are appearing all the time, so I thought I’d compile an updated list of my top 10 iPhone applications for nurses.

These are applications that I believe have the potential to make the art and science of nursing easier for us, the clinical nurse.

So without delay, and in no particular order of preference…

Top 10 iPhone apps for nurses

1. Fast Facts – The Kathy White Fast Facts library is now made for the iPhone! A slew of valuable emergency and critical care information is right at your fingertips. No more carrying around her very good (but sometimes bulky!) handbook.

2. MedCalc – A free medical calculator. Correct sodium for hyperglycemia, calculate body surface area and much more.

3. Pedi-STAT – Do you work in a pediatric ER or ICU or take care of potentially ill children? Pedi-STAT is for you. Think of it as a length-based color-coded tape for the iPhone. Input child’s weight or height and instantly access tube sizes and drug doses for many critical situations.

4. Infuse – A revamped version of the old Palm-based InfusiCalc (which will be coming to the iPhone in the near future) allows you to input all of your hospital’s drug concentrations, and you can quickly, easily and reliably calculate infusion boluses and drips.

5. Nursing Central – From Unbound Medicine, a leader in Palm applications for several years, this app carries Davis’s Drug Guide, Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, Diseases and Disorders, Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis, Medline journals and a Taber’s dictionary.
6. Lytes – A quick review of electrolyte disorders, clinical findings and treatments.

7. iMurmur – A very nice review and collection of heart sounds. Bone up on these and impress the cardiologists!

8. VisualDx – Having a hard time figuring out rashes? I know I do. VisualDx allows you to build a differential diagnosis of rashes by simply inputting your findings and patient information. Helps narrow it down quickly AND provides treatment information.

9. Epocrates – The “basic” version, which is available for free, allows you to always have up-to-date drug information at your fingertips. The annual subscription version also provides information on diseases, infections, pill identification, medical calculators and tables of pertinent, clinical information.

10. Eponyms – Don’t recall what Virchow’s triad is? Look it up as well as more than 1,000 other eponyms with this free (to students) or otherwise inexpensive application. It’s perfect for a working stiff like me!

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Did you know that Scrubs has an app? Download the Code Happy app and start connecting with other nurses!

Andrew Bowman

Andrew J. Bowman, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC, is an acute nurse practitioner and trauma nurse specialist. He resides and works in Lebanon, Indiana.

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6 Responses to 10 more great iPhone apps for nurses

  1. I used Skyscape’s Nursing Constellation Plus. It includes enhanced clinical content and a medical dictionary with full-color images and audio.You can also tailor the information to your needs, by choosing additional resources from Skyscape’s growing portfolio

  2. I’m so glad to see you and Andrew Craig writing these posts on phone apps for nurses.

    I’m a software developer working on the first version of a simple phone app that was requested by a respected friend who became an RN a couple of years ago. But I’ve been a bit worried about the adoption rate of smartphones among nurses — I keep seeing stats that say MDs are moving to smartphones in droves but I’ve not seen any comparable stats for nurses.

    Anyway, I’m hoping one of my apps can make your Top Ten list sometime soon!

    Please let me know if it would be ok to email you directly with some background info on my upcoming app and/or if you’d like an announcement when it hits the app marketplace.


  3. Janie RN

    I was wondering if you could recommend an iPhone app that had Dx, interventions, and goals. This would be ideal for those of us who write care plans. Thank you!

  4. Wendi S. Harrington

    would love to see and equivalent of the top ten apps for android as I recently got a Samsung Epic which I truly love, but nursing apps are expensive, would prefer some guidance as to where the best investment lies.

  5. Stuart

    Skyscape’s “Nursing Constellation Plus” is a more useful title bundle than the Unbound “Nursing Central” Product. It contains the same valuable mobile nurinsg titles, PLUS RNotes. Not only is the application intuative and easy to use, but Skyscape is partnered with ALL of the major publishers, including Elsevier, which Unbound is NOT. There are over 600 Clinical titles, across 35+ Specialties, and over 100 Nursing Titles to choose from. Skyscape provides the flexibility to mix and match titles that are useful to your specific needs…Plus Unbound’s Technical Support is terrrible, and outsourced to India. In my experience, Skyscape takes the cake!

  6. kdlindy

    Please do an app for android list!