10 more phrases nurses say the most

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FogStock | ThinkStock

How do you KNOW you’re a nurse? Let’s face it: you’ll never hear a plumber or accountant say any of these things…

10. To a doctor: “Are you sure you want to (fill in the blank)?” It’s the nicest way we have of telling somebody, “You’ve made a really huge mistake here and I’m trying to let you know gently.”

9. “You’ll feel a little pinch.” Really? If I stick a needle through somebody’s hide, they won’t feel a pinch. They’ll feel a needle puncturing them.

8. “You’re not going to die.” Unsaid: “Because that’s too much paperwork for me.”

7. “Take a deeeeep breath.” Which, as we all know, never, ever helps.

6. “Drink this.” Just like Alice in Wonderland.

5. “My patient just (whatever) and I need a new pair of scrubs.”

4. “Keep this alcohol wipe balanced on the end of your nose.” No, it’s not a circus act. It helps with nausea.

3. To a complete stranger: “You have gorgeous veins.” (Or am I the only one who does that?)

2. “One…two…THREE!” (This is a multi-use phrase.)

1. “My hands used to look so nice.”

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