10 MORE things you wish your patients would stop doing!

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While there are TONS of great things about being a nurse, nurses certainly have to take a little bad, too. And often the best cure for those annoyances is a little venting!

We explored this topic in the article “The top 10 things you wish your patients would stop doing!” and had so many responses on our Facebook Funny Nurses page that we just had to share more!

And don’t be afraid to stop now—share your own gripes in the comments below!

1. “You can hold your cup while sipping a straw. You are not a king.”
– Jacob Vaughan

2. “Walking in with a bag of Doritos and Pepsi when the complaint is vomiting…”
– Bill Cindy Price

3. “Patients saying, ‘Dr.Oz says…’”
– Mary Friend

4. “When patients complain about my coworkers.”
– Melanie Hampton

5. “When 20 different family members all call to find out what ‘Mom’s’ sodium is today. I always want to say 500 just to see if they even know what the hell they’re asking.”
– Debbie Christine Walkinshaw

6. “Talking on their cell phone when I’m trying to admit them.”
– Anitra Taylor

7. “Requesting Dilaudid while eating a Whopper and texting…”
– Carolyn Mormino

8. “Telling me a completely different story from what they tell the doctor.”
– Allison Meriwether Schultz

9. “Being non-compliant, then expecting us to fix them.”
– Raney Weiland Deborah

10. And finally, Julieann Currie summed up her frustrations with a meme:

Nurse call light meme



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4 Responses to 10 MORE things you wish your patients would stop doing!

  1. Karen Decker

    The 530+ pound resident who can’t breathe or walk who is in a long term care home who becomes furious, screaming and throwing things, because the doctor won’t let her determine her own dosage of insulin, stating “I’ve done it for years without any problems”.

  2. carolslee1949

    I was working the night shift on a surgical unit and found a pre-op patient in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. I explained, again, that she was NPO for her procedure, and asked her if she understood what that meant. “Yeah, I can’t have anything to eat after midnight.” I was sure I had included nothing to drink either. Anyway, guess who was the very embarrassed nurse who had to notify the surgeon and the anesthesiologist that the patient had not stayed NPO, and her surgery had to be delayed until later in the afternoon. Fortunately, it was an elective procedure. Note to self : always make sure the patient knows exactly what all those medical initials mean!

  3. HCAcan1

    Or how about when you’re not looking they’re independent, walking a marathon but as soon you’re in the room, they’re totally dependent pretending not to know how to even sit!

  4. okuboRN

    The patient who asks you to explain why so and so is happening, looks at you and you know she does not believe you. She then asks the doctor the same thing and gets the same answer you just gave her and after the doctor leaves asks you again to explain what the doctor just said.