10 MORE ways you know you’re a pediatric nurse!

iStockphoto | ThinkStock
iStockphoto | ThinkStock

How do you KNOW you’re a pediatric nurse? Well, if you’re anything like our Funny Nurses Facebook fans, you exhibit one (or all!) of these telltale signs!

You know you’re a peds nurse when…

1. You can hook up meds and flush a central line to the motion of a swing, just because you don’t want to wake the sleeping baby.
Shelly Lucas

2. You can sing the theme songs to Spongebob Squarepants and Phineas and Ferb…by heart…
Kelly Alane Ellis 

3. You buy cute scrubs with superhero prints and holiday-themed scrubs to show off to the kids and brighten their day.
Monica Ann 

4. You’ve mastered the “grab it before they grab it” technique. LOL!
Jason-Ericka Bayes 

5. You carry nail polish and Hot Wheels in your purse…for your patients.
Tiffany Rakes 

6. You have “brush your teeth” cartoon songs saved as your favorites in your YouTube account.
Danielle Costello 

7. Your entire patient population laughs when you ask if a patient went “number 2.” LOL!
Ashley Flaherty 

8. Your patient gets angry and calls you his/her version of a bad name: “poo-poo head.”
MaryTeresa Morris Osb RN 

9. You know to give your pen to the kids just to get a weight check.
Carrie Fencik 

10. You know all the words to all the Disney movies and find yourself singing all the songs!
Mary Brooks 

Peds nurses, what would you add? And don’t forget to read part one of this list here!

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