10 most exciting jobs in nursing

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A cool job…what’s that? The best answer is that it’s a job that lets you do things you love – at work – and get paid well for it. You could also add great growth potential as a criteria, too.

Today, nursing’s outer limits are expanding hugely, with all kinds of creative, exciting possibilities. From mind-body medicine to leading the hospital geeks into brave new frontiers, here are dream jobs: Our picks for the top ten coolest nursing careers.

“These jobs are based on trends and where the best opportunities are, now and in the future,” says Donna Cardillo, a widely respected nurse career expert who speaks at industry conferences and the author of several popular nursing career books.

#1: Going Into the Flow: Holistic Nursing

Does massage turn you on? Mind-body medicine? Stress reduction techniques? If your idea of self-care is another latte, and you’d like to trade in your high-stress work life for a soothing nurturing atmosphere, then consider holistic nursing, a specialty for 4,000 nurses. Holistic nurses provide both conventional and complementary medicine, often training in alternative, high-touch modalities in addition to their traditional nursing skills.

Sample job description: “Work in a unique, upscale, soothing clinic 4 days a week…”

1. Going into the Flow: Holistic Nursing
2. Nursing Informatics
3. Forensic Nursing
4. Outcomes Management
5. Fitness Nursing
6. Entrepreneur and Consultant (Self Employed)
7. Medical Esthetics Nurse
8. Faith-Based Nursing
9. Insurance Nursing
10. Assisted Living and Long Term Care

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17 Responses to 10 most exciting jobs in nursing

  1. patricia valenti

    interested in fitness nursing

  2. nancy

    How does a registered nurse get trained in Esthetics nursing??

  3. Debbie Griffin

    I am interested in holistic and faith based nursing, how do I find out more information on this. thanks for your time. Debbie

  4. shenetha

    would like to know more about fitness nursing!!

  5. tina

    would like to know more about nursing research and fitness nursing any info would be greatky appreciated thank you

  6. Renee

    How do you get into forensic nursing? What classses need to be taken?

  7. While we are discussing about topics relevant to 10 Most Exciting Jobs in Nursing, Because most companies only accept resumes electronically, there is much less real-life interaction between the job seeker and potential employer than there used to be. That makes it even more important to leave a good impression when you do talk to a person.

  8. kathy allen

    am interested in esthetics nursing. I live in Buffalo, NY. Do you know of any programs in the area that offer courses? thanks!


    i am intrested in fitness nursing/ can u help me get started


  11. Gail Neuman

    I’d suggest this nurses in business site to be a nurse entrepreneur

  12. Debbie

    Are there any Correctional nurses? would like feedback on being a nurse at a prison.

  13. I work for myself as an Osteo-Care Fitness Nurse. I can help you get started making money as a fitness nurse, once you decide what kind of fitness nurse you want to be. Fitness nurses are NOT personal trainers who happen to be nurses. We are nurses with a specialty in fitness. We use the nursing process to develop a fitness nursing plan of care for our clients. No cost monthly calls, great info sign up at FitnessNursing.com

  14. karissa

    Iam a nurse in the prison system. It is a very interresting job and i love it. Alot of nurse’s dont think about a career as a prison nurse. Nurse’s should check it out.

  15. Jeanie

    I recently entered the Telephonic Advice area of Nursing and love it. I answer parents questions and can spend time educating young mothers in caring for their sick child, very rewarding.
    In my 37 year nursing career I have worked in ER, ICU and as a travel nurse.

  16. Lynn Cross

    I would like more information for Fitness Nursing. Thanks

  17. catchafire11

    You missed– birth center nursing. Mixture o f L&D, newborn care, GYN, management, public health and home health all rolled into one!