10 most exciting jobs in nursing


#2 – Nursing Informatics

Do you like your computer? Does order make you happy? Geeks need nurses to design new tech tools to help hospitals and medicine run more smoothly using digital gear and information systems. Nurses in this specialty can provide real value by knowing nursing processes and skills and helping IT designers create IT that works in real-world, healthcare settings.

Sample job description: “Transform workflow and positively affect the lives of patients and practitioners in a large suburban hospital…”

1. Going into the Flow: Holistic Nursing
2. Nursing Informatics
3. Forensic Nursing
4. Outcomes Management
5. Fitness Nursing
6. Entrepreneur and Consultant (Self Employed)
7. Medical Esthetics Nurse
8. Faith-Based Nursing
9. Insurance Nursing
10.Assisted Living and Long Term Care

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