10 most exciting jobs in nursing

nurse-and-patient-on-treadmill#4 – Outcomes Management

Do you like to measure progress? Are you the one who keeps score in the Scrabble game? If so, outcomes management may be the nursing specialty for you. Measuring quality – length of stay, quality of care, and utilization – can get you a job working for a health insurance company or hospital system.

Sample job description: “Develop ongoing quality measurements for case management outcomes …”

1. Going into the Flow: Holistic Nursing
2. Nursing Informatics
3. Forensic Nursing
4. Outcomes Management
5. Fitness Nursing
6. Entrepreneur and Consultant (Self Employed)
7. Medical Esthetics Nurse
8. Faith-Based Nursing
9. Insurance Nursing
10.Assisted Living and Long Term Care

If your passion is fitness, you’ll want to know all about the next exciting job…

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