10 most exciting jobs in nursing

#5 – Fitness Nursing

Interested in combining personal training with nursing? Fitness nurses can work in cardiac rehab, surgical recovery or in health clubs and spas. Some run health fairs or screenings. Others work in hospitals’ own gyms and fitness centers, doing assessments and providing personal training.

Sample job description: “Functions as an advisor and resource for Fitness Techs as a member of the patient care team for cardiac rehab unit…”

1. Going into the Flow: Holistic Nursing
2. Nursing Informatics
3. Forensic Nursing
4. Outcomes Management
5. Fitness Nursing
6. Entrepreneur and Consultant (Self Employed)
7. Medical Esthetics Nurse
8. Faith-Based Nursing
9. Insurance Nursing
10.Assisted Living and Long Term Care

Ready to strike out on your own? Be a nurse entrepreneur…

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